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We act as a link between VIA and partners around the world

International affairs is the central unit for all cross-organisational international activities at VIA.

International affairs (VIA International) works closely with our schools, faculties and general management on developing and coordinating international activities. 

We share knowledge

We act as a knowledge broker between schools, faculties, administrative units and other stakeholders to create a proactive approach to internationalisation. 

We see ourselves as a communications link for knowledge sharing within the organisation as well as outside VIA - nationally and internationally. 

We participate in annual world conferences to promote the internationalisation of our degree programmes and foster new partnerships and ideas. 

See our event calendar.

Advice about rights

We advise and assist staff in regard to international activities, including questions about the rights of international students and staff. 

We administer grants and scholarships

VIA International administers grants under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the EU, and other scholarship schemes for both students and staff in all countries where we have partners. 

The new Erasmus + programme

VIA International is responsible for implementing the European Internationalisation Strategy and the Action plan for Internationalisation of the Danish Government. The new Erasmus+ programme requires a strong focus. We inform and guide the students throughout the Erasmus+ process, while managing the internal Erasmus+ procedures. 

Office in China

VIA International’s portfolio also includes our China office located in Chengdu. Through this office, we continue to develop a platform for strategic partnerships in China by maintaining a fruitful collaboration with our Chinese partners and Danish partners in China. 

Contact international affairs.

Our staff

VIA International has staff in Denmark and China 

Tina Lisberg Bundgaard, Senior International Adviser & Interim Daily Manager of VIA International
T: +45 87 55 15 04
Skype: tinalisbergbundgaard

  • Institutional and strategic partnership portfolio
  • International conferences
  • General assistance to the President’s Office in international affairs 

Gitte Juul Johansen, Senior International Adviser
T: +45 87 55 15 06
Skype: Gitte_jj

  • Project management and development of VIA’s China portfolio
  • Primary network contact for VIA to Danish and Chinese partners 

Camilla Kjærholdt Israelsen, Academic Officer (maternity leave)
T: +45 87 55 15 07
Skype: camillaisraelsen

  • VIA’s Erasmus+ scholarship portfolio under Key Action 1
  • Strategy and quality assurance of mobility activities in VIA
  • Internal and external communication 

Line Bildsøe, Academic Officer (maternity cover)
T: +45 87 55 15 07

  • VIA’s Erasmus+ scholarship portfolio under Key Action 1
Anette Salling, International Secretary 

T: +45 87 55 15 10

  • General assistance in the administration of Erasmus+ scholarship under Key Action 1
  • Meeting agendas and general administrative tasks 
  • Translations 

Vitor Hugo Dahlstrøm Mendes, Student worker
T: +45 87 55 15 13

Jian Li, Director of VIA’s China Office in Chengdu 
T: +86 1803 0582 799
Skype: Jian-kineseren

  • Project responsible between Horsens and Chengdu counties
  • Management of VIA’s activities in Chengdu and China
  • Marketing responsible for the promotion of VIA’s knowhow in China