Credit transfer at VIA University College in Horsens

Students who have completed relevant study activities at a foreign institution of higher education may be allowed to transfer their credits to VIA.

What is credit transfer?

Students who have completed relevant study activities at a foreign institution of higher education may be allowed to transfer their credits to VIA, which may exempt the student from exams/courses of a study programme.

Approval of credit transfer

The assessment of your application for credit transfer is always made by the academic staff. They will consider whether the elements you completed at a foreign institution of higher education in a related field of study can replace elements in the study programme that interests you at VIA University College.

Approval of credit transfer for programmes or courses that are not at university, business or engineering college level is rarely given.

The formal admission requirements must be met. You can find the admission requirements at the website of the different programmes. 

To apply for credit transfer you need to apply online at

It is very important that you apply online at and upload all relevant documentation.

As attachment you can fill out the Credit Transfer Application Form (pdf) as well as the Credit Transfer Agreement (pdf) and upload it at Your credit transfer application must include:

A certified copy of an examination certificate (e.g. transcript of records) that documents:
  • That you have passed the study activity
  • How many ECTS points the study activity is worth

Please send the application form and agreement to Hanne Miller:

Student counselling and courses 

You are always welcome to contact us for more information on credit transfer. Please contact: 

Architectural Technology & Construction Management (Bachelor and Exchange)

Hanne Miller 
International Coordinator (administrative) 
T: +45 87 55 43 19 

Civil Engineering (Bachelor and Exchange) 

Hanne Miller
International Coordinator (administrative)
T: +45 87 55 43 19 

Katrine Steenbach
International Coordinator (academic)
T: +45 87 55 42 79

Read about specialisations within Civil Engineering

Global Business Engineering, ICT Engineering, International Sales and Marketing Management, Mechanical Engineering and Value Chain Management

Lise Hjerrild 
T: +45 87 55 43 18

English Language Admission requirements

If English is not your first language, you need to provide documentation of your current English language level.

As documentation of your English language skills, we accept

  • the TOEFL test
  • the IELTS test or
  • the Cambridge ESOL test.

For information concerning required test scores go to the Campus Horsens site.

If you are an international student who does not meet the required language skills, you may also choose to sit for VIA University College's English Language Assessment Test (VIAT/e).

Find further information about VIAT/e at the Campus Horsens site.

Applicants who are native speakers or have proof of secondary school education from the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand are exempt from the English language admission requirements.

Contact a student counsellor daily 08:00-14:00 at: 

T: +45 87 55 43 20 (text or call)