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Creativity and co-creation in educational work

VIA Heart - Head - Hands


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you want to work with social care work using creative methods? And do you want to help develop the democratic welfare state? Join Heart - Head - Hands!

About the programme

  • Facts

    Title: Heart - Head - Hands

    Duration of the programme: 30 ECTS

    Semester start - semester end:

    Spring semester:

    Primo February - medio June

    Application deadline:

    • Autumn: 1 May
    • Spring: 1 November

    Study location: Aarhus. Read more about Campus Aarhus C

    Language: English

  • Structure and content

    In Heart – Head – Hands you will gain skills in social care work through three different modules.

    During the semester in Heart - Head - Hands you will increase your capabilities for social care work. You will develop skills to carry out social care work and use creative subjects as a method in social education work.

    The overall aim in this semester is to work on improving creativity and aesthetic learning methods and living conditions by means of innovative processes and solutions.

    The programme alternates between the following three areas:

    • Theories and methodology of social education.
    • Creative subjects, e.g. drama, music, movement, arts and crafts.
    • Field work and field studies.

    Three Modules

    In English conducted module, Head - Heart - Hands, consists of three parts: A, B and C each correlating the Module 9, the 1st Practicum and the Module 5 in the Danish BA programme for Social Educators. 

    • Module 1 - Creative Expression - 10 ECTS
    • Module 2 - Placement - 10 ECTS
    • Module 3 - Co-creation and Citizenship - 10 ECTS

    Read about Course modules 


    The evaluation of the semester is graded by 'Approved' or 'Not approved', based on the student's active participation and two-three compulsory assignments for each module. 

  • Enrolment

    Heart – Head – Hands is open to both international and Danish students.

    With regard to English language proficiency, we expect you to be able to speak and write English at level B2.

    With regard to Heart - Head - Hands, it is a requirement that you are able to follow the semester and complete examinations in English (equivalent to level B2)

  • How to apply

    Heart – Head – Hands is open to both international and Danish students. 

    You can apply for the Heart - Head - Hands programme in either the autumn or in spring semester.

    Autumn semester:

    Application deadline: 1 May

    Spring semester:

    Application deadline: 1 November

    Who can apply?

    Both international and Danish students can apply for Heart - Head - Hands.

    Get the application form

  • Fees and tuition

    Exchange students from institutions with bilateral partner agreement do not pay tuition fees.

    If you are studying at an institution with a bilateral partner agreement with VIA University College, your particitation in the exchange programme is tuitionfree. 

    Students from institutions without a bilateral partner agreement must pay 4.000 EUR

  • Student counselling

    [Fees and tuition

    Need help before applying?

    It might be helpful for you to talk to the international counsellor before applying.

    Please contact Anne-Mette Nystrøm Søndergaard, who will help you get the right informations.

    Anne-Mette Nystrøm Søndergaard
    T: +45 87 55 34 06

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

    VIA University College
    Ceresbyen 24
    DK-8000 Aarhus C

    T: +45 87 55 34 06

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Student life

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