The modules

The three modules in English with ICT has their own set of requirements for completion.

The programme Teaching English with ICT consists of three modules:

1. Teaching English as a foreign language

Requirements for the completion of the module include:

  • An oral group presentation containing analysis of spoken learner language and reflections on correction strategies.
  • A written group assignment containing analysis of written learner language that includes reflections on the feedback and advice to the learner and use of relevant language theory. 

Read about Teaching English as a foreign language (pdf)

2. Digital Learning Design

  • In groups, students create a digital learning design/ lesson plan and test it in a school class for a period of 3-4 weeks (minimum 10 lessons). 
  • Prior to the intervention, the lesson plan is to be presented and discussed in class. Subsequent to the intervention, the groups present their empirical evidence and reflect on the experience. The presentation is complemented by a revised edition of their didactic design.

Read about Digital Learning Design (pdf)

3. Educational practice in primary school

Read about Educational practice in primary school (pdf)