Description of the modules on The Fashion Experience – Film and Transmedia Storytelling programme. 

Fashion, Film and Transmedia Introduction 

Module 1 (10 ECTS)

a) Creative Methods: 

  • Teamwork, networking, acknowledging and appreciating cultural diversity, and concept workshops 

b) Diving into Fashion:

  • Fashion brands, the fashion scene today, and fashion business 

c) Diving into Film Production: 

  • Storytelling, producing, hands-on production and postproduction, production design I, fashion styling I, fashion film production, and fashion film colour grading I 

d) Transmedia Introduction: 

  • Storytelling in transmedia, fashion marketing, and international fashion film marketing 

e) Fashion Film Business & Entrepreneurship:

  • Fashion film business, fashion media marketing entrepreneurship I, and personal branding I

Fashion Film 

Module 2 (10 ECTS)

a) Fashion Film Analysis: 

  • Fashion film analysis & storytelling, fashion film trends and art film analysis, integration of storytelling and production design, and visual conceptualisation 

b) International Fashion Film Production: 

  • International market understanding I, client handling I, production design II, fashion styling II, pre-production, production and postproduction, and colour grading II 

c) The Processes in Fashion Film Production: 

  • From client to brief, final implementation of the production, preparation of circulation, and distribution plans 

Fashion Transmedia 

Module 3 (10 ECTS) 

a) Fashion Transmedia Analysis: 

  • Fashion transmedia analysis & storytelling, and fashion transmedia trends 

b) Fashion Transmedia Business and Entrepreneurship: 

  • Fashion transmedia business, fashion media marketing entrepreneurship II, and personal branding II 

c) International Fashion Transmedia Production: 

  • International market understanding II, client handling II, previsualisation, fashion transmedia pre-production, production, post-production, and international fashion transmedia marketing


Note: All modules are project based. You will receive a diploma upon completion of the course.