Healthcare in a global community

The exchange programme “Healthcare in a global community” consists of one semester (16 weeks) with both theoretical and practical studies (30 ECTS). 

Town of study: Viborg, Denmark.

Inter-professional Collaboration in Health and Community Practice (10 ECTS)

In this module you will learn:

  • To appreciate the influence of diversity and transcultural needs in a global society
  • How to handle inter-professional collaboration in healthcare teams in community practice
  • How to teach health informatics, with focus on e-Health, welfare technologies and e-Patient development in order to meet the health and social needs of the 21st century

Nursing Management of Chronic Illness and Home Health Nursing (10 ECTS)

In this module you will learn:

  • To identify risk factors, and based on available evidence select appropriate risk management and health promotion strategies to promote optimal independence and quality patient outcomes.
  • Health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation will be covered.
  • To develop clinical reasoning skills for managing the care of patients experiencing chronic illness in relation to the person’s functional status.
  • To communicate with patients, families, peers, inter-professional staff within the healthcare sector as well as in other sectors in order to facilitate provision of care and quality patient outcomes.

Nursing Management and Intervention (10 ECTS)

In this module you will learn:

  • Ways to develop a systematic body of knowledge that informs your problem solving capabilities, skill development in clinical reasoning in nursing
  • Skills in clinical methods such as observation, assessment, and interventions to patients with acute health problems
  • More about the professional, organisational, and social context of nursing.

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