The Master has given me new career opportunities

- I chose this master course because its academic content fit to my plans to work with development and research in nursing.

The strength is the academic training among other things, as it is both wide ranging and indepth within different topics. 

The programme has given me a robust work ethic, and systematic and analytical work skills which is very usable in my present position. 

New skills 

After I graduated, my clinical department gave me a position as a clinical nursing specialist so I was allowed to use my new skills. 

After seven years as a clinical nurse specialist I am now doing a PhD-project, which the master degree has founded the way for. 

Therefore, one can say that my personal benefit has been that the Deakin master degree did give me the freedom to work with what interests me the most - and gave me jobs and several shelves to choose from when it comes to my educational opportunities. 

Marianne Eg
Citation from former Master student, now PhD student.