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Diploma in Project Management

VIA Project Management


Diploma in Project Management gives you the possibility to strengthen your leadership and project management skills and develop your talent for working with international projects.

About the programme

  • Structure

    The diploma is eguivalent to one year of full-time study.

    The diploma degree is equivalent to one year of full-time study (60 ECTS point), but you can complete the education over a longer period of time. 

    It consists of: 

    • 3 compulsory courses equivalent of 30 ECTS 
    • 2-3 elective courses equivalent of 15 ECTS 
    • 1 final compulsory project equivalent of 15 ECTS 
    In addition, the student can choose modules outside the academic scope of this programme for a maximum of 15 ECTS credits. 

    Learn more about the programme in the Curriculum (pdf).

  • Content

    The diploma will strengthen your ability to manage projects.

    The international Diploma in Project Management is a part time education directed at project managers in the private sector. It focuses on issues and challenges met by professionals in an international and intercultural context and all courses are conducted in English. 

    The education will strengthen your ability to manage projects at both strategic and operational levels and it will provide you with powerful tools for planning, developing and managing complex projects in all its phases. We include concrete cases from your everyday life in the training, which makes the courses both relevant and useful in your daily work. During the education you will be given the opportunity to specialize in industry specific issues that matches your specific needs. 

    The diploma degree is of an equivalent academic level to that of a bachelor degree. 

    Your outcome: 

    • Effective methods and techniques for developing, planning and managing projects
    • Enhanced understanding of strategic and organisational issues related to project management
    • Expertise in intercultural communication and international project management
    • Tools for managing project finances, budgeting and cost control
    • Development of your personal leadership skills
    • Expertise in resource planning, stakeholder analysis and risk management
    • Ability to disseminate project management as a discipline in your organization
    • Network with other International project managers.
  • Target group

    The programme is targeted international project managers.

    The Diploma in Project Management is targeted international project managers and project managers working in international companies with intercultural team members or stakeholders.

  • Enrolment

    You have to meet the standard entry requirements to be admitted to the diploma.

    In order to be admitted to the Diploma in Project Management you must meet the standard entry requirements, which are at least an academy profession degree (a 2-year professionally oriented higher education) in combination with a minimum of two years relevant work experience. 

    If you do not meet these criteria you can contact our student counsellor to find out more about validation of formal and informal learning as an alternative way to admission. 

    Furthermore, it is important that you work as a project manager and that you can complete the education in English since all literature will be in English and all courses and exams will be conducted in English.

    When can you start?

    Courses within the Diploma in Project Management start twice a year – at the end of January and end of August. Deadline for applications is the first working day in January and August.

  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

    If you have any questions please contact:

    Helena Kressner
    Secretary of studies
    T: 45 87 55 19 17

    If you are interested in further information about the diploma programme, you are also welcome to contact:

    Inge Vejs Edosa 
    Senior consultant
    T: +45 87 55 19 22