4 m high puppets on the streets in Herning

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On a 500 metres long runway students showed beautiful creations in very large sizes.

With the sun in the back students from VIA UC, TEKO Design+Business and 9 companies celebrated Herning’s 100 years birthday with a huge outdoor fashion show in the city 3 May. And the fashion show was huge in more than one sense of the word. Up to 4 metres tall puppets were wearing the clothes designed by the students in cooperation with the companies. 

The puppets presented all the beautiful creations on a more than 500 metres long runway through the pedestrian area in the centre of Herning. Thousands of spectators showed their appreciation with applause, shouts with joy and positive expressions. But it was also a fashion show that has never been showed in Denmark before. 

They have sensed the cold sweat 

René Foli, deputy head at VIA UC, TEKO Design+Business, tells about the project that has been carried out in cooperation between VIA UC, TEKO Design+Business, Dansk Mode & Textil, and nine companies as sponsors: 

“Throughout the process there has been a close dialogue between the companies, the stu-dents and the Australian puppet-makers who have come to Denmark only with the purpose to make puppets for the show – a dialogue about the development of the puppets and the design of the clothes.” 

The companies and the students have been very good at using each other. And the students have been involved in challenging the mindset of the companies and to exceed the limits laid down for what can be done when it came to designing the clothes for the puppets. 

“It has also been a tough process. Some of the students have felt the cold sweat when things have become deadlocked and they have been insecure whether they would have finished the work by deadline,” René Foli says. 

Good for the innovation spirit 

Bon’A Parte is one of the companies who have been involved in the project. At the same time the company has provided space – its former warehouse – in order for the students and the puppet makers to have a physical room where they could build, design and sew prior to the fashion show. And the commitment of Bon’A Parte has given both an internal as well as an external profit, marketing manager Martin Pihl says: 

“First of all is has been very funny to create something in cooperation with other people. And it has been a pleasure for us to help facilitating the process. We have had life in our empty warehouse, the employees have had a different working day filled with life. They have been inspired which is good for the innovation spirit. We have obtained new and good relations as well as a possibility to market us and show who we are. A unique cooperation with a unique result.” 

A funny and sweaty experience 

Mette Skytte Nielsen was one of the approx. 50 students from VIA UC, TEKO Design+Business involved in the project. She participated in both designing the clothes for the puppets and she was also one of the persons who was inside a puppet during the fashion show. Mette was the forelegs of an elephant – another girl was the hind legs – and at the same time she should control the elephant’s head, mouth and trunk that could shoot water at the spectators to eve-rybody’s enthusiasm. It was a funny and sweaty experience: 

“I was totally high. It was so funny to try and the response from the spectators was fantastic. But it was also a little tough to be inside the elephant. It was hot and stuffy and even though we carried the weight of the ele-phant on our hips, it was not that easy and we got quite sweaty.” 


The following companies were sponsoring the project: 

  • Bon’A Parte
  • Egetæpper A/S 
  • JBS Textile Group 
  • Kabooki A/S 
  • Brands4kids 
  • Bosweel 
  • Elas A/S 
  • Friendtex 
  • Auluna Leather Company A/S 
  • Kopenhagen Fur
  • Dansk Mode & Textil

For further information, please contact

René Foli Deputy head at VIA University College, Design & Business
T: Tlf. +45 8755 1447
E: rfo@via.dk