Coronavirus – Information for our guests

VIA follows the recommendations issued by the Danish authorities that apply to all students, staff and guest.

Update 12 March 8.00AM: Go here to see VIA's updated coronavirus information for students, employees, guests and partners

VIA University College receives many visitors and we are pleased to warmly welcome our guests.

As a consequence of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and with reference to the recommendations issued by the Danish Ministry of Health, we kindly ask our guests to act in accordance with the cautionary guidelines.

If you have recently (as of 2 March 2020) travelled in and returned from areas and countries highly affected by the coronavirus, we ask that you do not attend meetings or activities at VIA. This is a precautionary recommendation in effect to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition, we ask everyone, inside and outside VIA, who have symptoms that resemble those typical of the coronavirus, to stay at home and to contact their doctor by telephone for a medical evaluation before attending activities on VIA’s campuses.

Keep yourself informed and updated!

During the current global coronavirus outbreak, VIA follows the medical recommendations issued by the Danish Ministry of Health and the travel recommendations given by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affair. We recommend that everyone keep themselves informed and up to date about the current recommendations from the Danish Ministry of Health and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which can be found here:

The Danish Ministry of Health 

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only available in Danish)

VIA updates our guidelines and recommendations for coronavirus in accordance with changes issued by the authorities. We kindly ask our guests to check this page at VIA’s site immediately before visiting our campuses.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions regarding VIA and our guidelines during the global coronavirus outbreak, please speak to the VIA host for the event that you plan on attending.

You may also contact VIA’s task force for coronavirus management at +45 8755 2978, or at

Danish version

See Danish version here