A different classroom

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Students from Retail Design have worked together to create a better working environment at VIA's programmes at Teko. The idea is to make the students stay longer and maybe come to work outside normal working hours.

For two weeks the students have developed ideas, designed and furnished a different classroom as part of the project "Work Smarter" and the elective "Creative Processes in Space Design". It has been an exciting process in which the creativity has been challenged by both economy and limitations as to mounting of material. 

"The biggest challenge has been developing a concept that could hold our different ideas and in that way create a whole. Furthermore we have not been allowed to drill holes in the walls or paint them which has forced us to thing alternatively regarding mounting and material," says Retail Design-student Zahars Znaidjonovs. 

The ability to juggle with many ideas 

The elective "Creative Processes in Space Design", provides the students with knowledge of the creative processes that you must go through to develop a spatial design. The students get a knowledge of techniques which kicks out at creativity and helps solving different problems. 

"One of the most important skills that a designer must possess is to juggle with more ideas and problems at the same time. You cannot study this. It is something you learn by designing," says Janni Vad, who is lecturing on the project. And she continues: "The process can be made easier however with a theoretical foundation." 

A spatial design

Throughout the process the students have been attached to different areas which have changed during the course. This has made it visible for the students that working with many problems at the same time requires establishing different perspectives as well as working with only one approach for a period of time and let the others "float" in the consciousness. 

The finished design consists of three areas which have reached each other, but also divide the room in a work area, a teaching area and a sofa area. The underlying theme is nature, cheerful colours and black/white. 

"In the teaching area we have primarily used black/white to create a calm area where the thoughts were not disturbed by colours. Black/white trees are growing up the walls and they continue at the ceiling in cheerful colours reaching out for the other areas in the classroom," Zahars Znaidjonovs finishes.