Bloggers obtained exclusive admission to the fashion week

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Two students from VIA Teko Design & Business obtained admission to all exhibitions and shows during the fashion week. They met several successful designers – some were graduates from Teko.

On the blog you see photos and videos from different fashion shows. There is also an interview with the designers Bibi Chemnitz and Tina Gustavsson - both graduates from Teko. 

“We have received so many positive comments from our fellow students who have kept themselves up to date each day during the week,” says Camilla Bergine Hviid, 21 years old. Together with Thilde Fro Schøiffel, 23, they have blogged photos and impressions from the fashion week in Copenhagen in August 2013. They are both students at the AP programme Design Technologist specializing in Fashion Design. 

Camilla got the idea to blog last year when she could not attend the fashion week in Copenhagen. 

“I could not attend the fashion week in August 2012. So I followed the fashion week on TV, Facebook and other media to be able to see what was happening there,” Camilla says. She continues: “I thought that I was not the only one who felt like this, and that is how I got the idea to blog.” 

Ready for the next fashion week 

The two students have intentions to continue blogging. Now they plan to write about the everyday life at Teko where two days are never the same. And they hope that they will show their fellow students the latest trends in February 2014 when there is another fashion week. 

“We are ready to bog from the fashion week again February 2014,” Camilla says.

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