Chinese students want to make an impact

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The health summer school at VIA University College marks the first time nursing students from West China School of Medicine participated in a programme at VIA.

20-year-old Zhao Rui, a nursing student from West China School of Medicine in Chengdu, is one of ten Chinese students and two teachers, who recently took part in the international health summer school at VIA University College. 

“Though VIA has sent faculty and students to West China School of Medicine for several years, this marks the first time students from there participate in a programme at VIA,” says Kirsten Haugaard Christensen, senior lecturer and international coordinator at the Faculty of Health Sciences at VIA University College. 

The theme of this year’s summer school was the challenges and opportunities of using health technologies in modern healthcare. 

“Students gained insight into questions such as how technology changes the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients, and the ethical aspects of when and how to use technology,” says Kirsten Haugaard Christensen. 

The Chinese students expressed great interest in the subject and said they were impressed by the professional level of nursing in Denmark. 

“Experiencing how nurses work in Denmark makes me want to help develop a more advanced healthcare system in China, where nurses develop more skills and responsibility. In Denmark, you have an amazing level of specialization and use of technology,” says Zhao Rui. 

Openness important to Chinese students 

21-year-old Wang Xuelin, another student from Chengdu, was especially impressed with the openness with which students in Denmark are able to discuss challenges related to the profession. 

“I like how we can talk freely in class here and easily share our opinions. It is very different from the Chinese way of learning,” Wang Xuelin says. 

Many of the international students who participated in this year’s summer school have chosen to stay at VIA University College for a semester, or do an internship in Denmark. None of the Chinese students were able to do so this year. But the goal is to increase the exchange of students between Chengdu and VIA. 

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