Embroidery under the clothes

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16 first year-students at VIA University College, TEKO Design+Business studying Textile Design – Craft and Communication have been interpreting the history of JBS from 1930 to now in the subject Embroidery/Textile print. The students have used both machine embroidery and hand embroidery as well as textile prints to re-create the history of the company on the company's own underwear.

15 pictures of the beautifully embroidered men' and women' underwear are exhibited in Herning in the DGI-house until 5th August. The exhibition is part of Herning 100 and besides the pictures, the visitors can also experience two sculptures made of JBS pants. 

Not only on cushions 

Inger Marie Ladekarl is one of the lecturers who have been attached to the project. She is pleased that the students have had the possibility to work with embroidery on textiles that you normally do not connect with embroidery. "Many have a picture of what embroidery is, and embroidery is often connected to something which is outside of the garment or on cushions. We thought that it would be funny to show what embroidery can also be used for." 

Long Johns as a sculpture 

Two of the students have chosen to tell the history of JBS by creating sculptures of pants. "One of the sculptures uses a pair of long pants to create an artistic expression. The other sculpture contains inspiration from the moors os Jutland. It is a pair of old fashioned pants that have been transferred to moorland," says Inger Marie Ladekarl.