Fiery soul from VIA gets 20.000 DKK to international students in Herning

Connie Væver, lecturer at VIA University College
Connie Væver is not a completely ordinary lecturer. She is a fiery soul with a heart that beats for the international students. Monday she received 20.0000 DKK from Herning Soroptimist Club for her work to help international students.

Each year more than 150 international students come to Herning to study at VIA University College. They all have very different conditions and for many of them it is impossible to reach Western European standards of living. 

“It is expensive to live and study in Denmark and there are not many student jobs to get. The international students leave their family and friends and many of them cannot afford to go home during holidays,” says Connie Væver, lecturer at TEKO. 

Last year she found out that a bunch of students could not afford to go home for the Christmas holidays. Therefore she invited them all to her house to have a big Christmas lunch together with her family. 

It gives energy to do something for others 

This year she has arranged creative Thursday cafés. The first Thursday each month from 6 to 9 p.m. it is possible to come and have a coffee with other international students, use the sewing machines and talk about everything between heaven and earth. And Connie does her best to underline that these hours she is not a lecturer. She does it in her spare time. 

“I like to do something for and with people – I guess it is my scout’s gene that emerges here. I feel like a richer person, I become more open and it gives me a lot of energy,” she says. Very soon she has been a scout for 50 years. 

20.000 DKK to international activities 

Connies efforts are known in Herning, and Monday evening she received 20.000 DKK from Herning Soroptimist Club as a contribution to the Thursday café, the Christmas arrangements and other social activities for the international students. 

“I was very moved when I heard about the donation. It is fantastic that there are other people who would like to help the international students. And with 20,000 DKK we can do a lot of good things,” Connie says. She is already planning a big Danish Christmas event. 

Connie makes a difference

Irina Budac from Rumania is grateful that there are fiery souls as Connie. “We really appreciate all that Connie is doing to help us. It can be difficult to come to a new country. You must work to get a totally new network. But Connie has made it easier for many of us,” says Irina. And she continues: “It gives me very much – both socially and professionally – to be part of Connie’s international activities. It is very cosy and a good place to create a network.” Just like Connie she is very grateful for the support that Herning Soroptimist Club has given the international work at TEKO. 

Production and sale of unique bags 

Right now Connie and many international students are working on a bag project: The T-bag project. Connie is the originator of the project, and the students will make bags of a 300 m2 banner used in connection with the European Championship in Herning. The students will sell the bags and thus get money to cover the living expenses in Denmark. 

“They sew for dear life both in the evenings as well as in weekends. We will end with 130 unique bags and the students working on the project will get all the money less material costs,” Connie says. The first bag is already sold to a Soroptimist. 

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Fiery soul and lecturer Connie Væver, VIA University College
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