Global entrepreneur event comes to Herning

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Now companies, students and other interested people have the possibility to participate in the competition "Startup Weekend Herning", which focuses on e-business and lifestyle. One of the purposes is to obtain synergism when business and students meet in an attempt to create a new and innovative product.

A global concept with roots in Seattle will be rolled out in Central and Western Jutland when the event "Startup Weekend" comes to Herning. The theme "E-business and lifestyle" is relevant for the local businesses and focus will be on wood and furniture, textile and apparel as well as food. "Startup Weekend Herning" is a competition and anyone who is interested can register – both businesses, students and entrepreneurs. 

"E-business is a very relevant theme for the lifestyle business. Today it is impossible to run a company without acting online and using the new social media. Therefore, it is important to have the right qualifications within online communication in order for the companies to understand and use the social media optimally," says Anne Mette Zachariassen, director of VIA UC, TEKO Design+Business, and she continues: 

"For example, the social media affects the lifestyle business in connection with a designer's methodological work on trends and inspiration. Until recently, the designer has been on inspiration trips to metropolitan areas to search for new trends. Today it also happens online to create a dynamic working method. The advantage of moving the communication online is that the company gets access to observe and interact with its users." 

Share of knowledge and interaction between companies and students 

The purpose of the competition is to create an innovative result – i.e. a new product or a new yield – through sharing knowledge and transverse networking between the participants. By bringing students and companies together in an intense course alternative possibilities to create results beyond the usual arise. And this should contribute to create an increased growth within e-business in the lifestyle business. 

The competition "Startup Weekend" is an innovative and interdisciplinary initiative. Therefore it is natural for our students and partners to participate in the competition. It is a fine possibility for our students to bring forward their professionalism and newest knowledge of e-business and at the same time try their strength on the business. I am excited to hear the results of the competition. We have experienced that the combination of students and companies can lead to unique and path-breaking results," says Michael Evan Goodsite, head of institute at AU Herning. 

Let the creativity loose and play around with other fiery souls 

The competition is open for companies, students and entrepreneurs. It gives the companies the chance to have new eyes look at their ideas and challenges. The students have the newest theoretical knowledge from their studies and they are hungry to test the theory in practice. They have drive and courage to go to the task in a new and refreshing way. 

The students however get the possibility to obtain real practical experience during their studies and they can add contacts to their professional network. At the same time they can learn to work with theories in practice and get inspiration from fiery souls in the business. 

The common denominator of the participants is that they feel like playing around with each other – i.e. challenging each other, sparring and cooperating with each other as well as asking questions. The experience with the competition in other countries shows that the participants are often fiery souls who need to create something innovative or start own company – as entrepreneurs. 

Will you take part in creating something new? 

The competition lasts for 54 hours. During the 54 hours the participants must generate ideas, network, share knowledge and challenge each other. In teams they must bring forward the best possible product and there will be presentations by and coaching and sparring with professionals. At the end a jury will choose the winners of the competition. 

The competition "Startup Weekend" in Herning takes place from 22nd to 24th November 2013. You must register not later than 20th November at 12.00. 

The event is organized by a team of volunteers from VIDEA Studentervæksthus, Uddannelsesby Herning, Business Factory at AU Herning and volunteers from other Startup Weekend-events. After the competition there will be a follow-up afterparty in January to support and secure a long term effect of the cooperation between the participants. 

If you wish need information

Please contact Annette Quistgaard
T: + 45 87 55 05 05

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