Graduated with honours and newly employed in Niras

Recently graduated with honours and newly employed in Niras
Mihhail wrote a major assignment academically far beyond the ordinary. It helped to secure him a job at the engineering company, Niras.
Mihhail Samusev graduated from the English-language engineering educational programme at VIA Campus Horsens on 29 January. On 1 February he started his new job as an engineer at Niras in Aarhus.

It is no more than 3 and a half years since Mihhail came to Denmark from Estonia aged 18 and started his education. Now he has graduated with a bachelor of engineering – and with extra honours to cap. For not only did Mihhail’s major assignment give him top grades (a 12 in the Danish system), he also received a scholarship for his hard effort.

As well as completing his education in engineering, Mihhail took Danish lessons. He does not yet speak Danish fluently; he understands far more of the language than he is able to speak. In doing so, he has also done something extra to qualify for a job in a Danish company – the goal of many international students.

Useful skills

Mihhail is employed as an engineer at Niras' offices in Aarhus. He has already been given a wide range of tasks to tackle. That suits Mihhail well and it is a good way for him to learn the business and workflow:

”At first, I was assigned to different tasks. I have worked with calculations and I have contributed to various drawings. First and foremost, I just wanted to make myself useful, and show what I could do. That way the others also had the opportunity to find out how they could use me,” said Mihhail Samusev and continued,

”Even when I was a trainee, I discovered that I had learned some useful skills from my education. These are concrete tools that I can use in practice. But, during the programme, I was also made aware of what I did not know – and that is also vital, when you come to a business."

Major assignment opened doors

Mihhail came in contact with Niras in autumn 2015 at a job fair. That first contact was followed by an interview and because Mihhail can speak Russian, Nira wanted to assign him to a project with Russian partners. Unfortunately, that project had to be postponed, but thankfully not the cooperation between Niras and Mihhail:

”It was agreed that I should work on the Russian project. When the project was postponed, Niras invited me to another interview. Here I told them about the project I was working on in my major assignment, and it seemed they were so interesting that they wanted to hire me anyway,” explained Mihhail and concluded,

”Very simply put, I looked at how wind conditions affect a bridge with a square or twisted profile. The bridge was designed by an architect and is very aesthetically pleasing. But I wanted to find out if the bridge was also stable in wind and if it could withstand different wind conditions. I did this in collaboration with the Research Centre Bygholm in Horsens, where I was allowed to work with a 3D model of the bridge in their wind simulating laboratory."

Dreams of a Masters

Although Mihhail, with a completed bachelor of engineering and a job at Niras, has already fulfilled many of his dreams, he still has plans for the future. The first of which is to take a master's degree at Aalborg University – perhaps as early as this summer.