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VIA University College has received a fine recognition from Student Experience Exchange (SEE) for ’Very Good International Student Satisfaction’.

The recognition is based on a survey made by SEE amongst 17,000 exchange students from institutions of higher education all over Europe. 

Here, the students could write about their experiences as a student at an institution of higher education in another country. 

In the survey, the students also rank their output on a scale of 1 to 10. VIA is placed among the absolute top of all the educational institutions with the grade 8.6. 

Social activities make a difference 

At VIA Campus Horsens, where almost half of the 4,200 students are international, vice-rector Konstantin Lassithiotakis is very pleased with the feedback VIA has received from the international students. 

”As we can see from the feedback of this survey, the students emphasize how VIA’s study programmes are aimed at the business industry. It is indeed our focus that the students will bring with them tools which they can use in the business industry,” Konstantin Lassithiotakis explains and continues: 

”We put a lot of effort into integrating our international students in the study environment – we host many social activities, and we make sure that they are well received. As we can see from the survey, this has worked well which is very much thanks to our tutors and teachers”. 

Informal and international study environment

Camilla Israelsen from VIA’s International Relations department points out several factors which make Denmark in general and VIA in particular an attractive place for international students: 

”Here in Denmark, the relationship between the teachers and the students is more informal than what they are used to from home. At the same time, group work is highly prioritized at VIA – also across the study programmes. As such, the students qualify to work cross-disciplinarily”. 

”At VIA, we have a strong international learning environment. This helps provide both international and Danish students with the tools needed to work in other countries. And there are many young people who dream of this,” Camilla Israelsen explains and concludes: 

“In Denmark, our international students meet a well-functioning social structure, and they meet a VIA that is geared to receive them. This is part of making us a good choice. 

If you want to know more 

It was at - the Student Experience Exchange platform – that the students had the chance to voice their opinion.

If you want to know more about the survey, please contact:

International Coordinator
Camilla Israelsen
T: +45 8755 1507

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