Meditation is a free space on Campus Horsens

A man and a woman with big smiles
Along with a student from VIA in Horsens, Student Chaplain, Anette Foged Schultz, has initiated a weekly meditation session.

"Meditation has nothing to do with either religion or faith. What we wanted was to establish a free space - a breathing space for students and staff. A room where they could meet across study programmes, religious persuasions and nationalities," Anette Foged Schultz explains and continues: 

"Meditation is about giving yourself time for silence, intimacy and awareness. Small breaks where you just focus on 'being' and letting go of all thoughts and worries. This will put your mind more to rest during your everyday life. At the same time, your creativity will bloom from these breaks, which we give ourselves". 

It is Anette Foged Schultz’s experience that students can be reserved when it comes to either faith or religion. But on the other hand, they are open-minded towards mindfulness and the idea of finding a sense of calmness and intimacy through meditation. 

Meditation is about methods and techniques 

It was Bulgarian student, Georgi Zenopyan, who was a part of initiating the mediation sessions. At the same time, he works as a counsellor for the sessions. Georgi is an ICT Engineering student and his interest in meditation was truly awakened during a work placement period at a company in India: 

"I was already interested in meditation before I went to India, and I had read a lot of books on the subject. But I was really taken by it, when I came into contact with a meditation centre in India. I learned many methods and techniques, and I became aware of the need for discipline". 

"It is exactly these methods and techniques which I am trying to pass on," Georgi explains and stresses that you must focus during meditation and have a session regularly to benefit from it the most. 

Meditation makes it easier to concentrate

Polish student, Anna Zabezsinszkij, from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme is one of those students, who often participate in the meditation sessions. And she is happy that VIA offers these sessions for free: 

"I feel a lot better from meditating. The sessions help me de-stress and make me feel calm. I also think that the sense of calmness, which I get from meditating, makes it easier for me to concentrate on my studies," Anna Zabezsinszkij explains. 

It is not only at VIA that Anna meditates. She also meditates regularly at home, but the meditation sessions are of another dimension when she is meditating alongside others: 

"The atmosphere during the meditation is more intense, when several have gathered and when there is also a ’teacher’, who can guide you through the session". 

Meditation every Thursday 

A free meditation session is available for all students and staff on VIA Campus Horsens every Thursday between 15.00-16.00. The session takes place in the Chapel in room X2-101. 

If you have any questions related to the meditation sessions, please feel free to contact Student Chaplain, Anette Foged Schultz

T: 45 87 55 43 36.