Minister impressed with the internationalisation of VIA in Horsens

Minister Morten Østergaard and rector of VIA University College Harald Mikkelsen
Tuesday the 5th of November 2013, the Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Morten Østergaard,  visited VIA Campus Horsens. Here, he experienced, amongst other things, how the internationalisation has become an integrated part of the study environment.

At VIA Campus Horsens, half of the almost 4000 students are international students. Many of them had a chance to speak with the Minister during the visit. They presented him with innovative projects and told him about the unique study environment that is affected by students from different countries: 

”I am impressed with the diverse environment and the projects, which the students have presented to me. I am also happy to see how the collaboration between the students and the companies at the VBI Park is working,” Morten Østergaard explains and continues: 

”It is important that the companies and the students understand how to use and develop each other. At the same time, it is important that the students learn how to work innovatively. I have for example been introduced to the student magazine, Revolve Magazine, which is just the good example of how students have succeeded with an initiative”. 

An interdisciplinary melting pot 

Mortens Østergaard’s visit focused on internationalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship within the educational sector. But some of the things which the Minister noticed during the visit was the wide range of study programmes (19) offered at VIA Campus Horsens, and how the entire Campus works: 

”The idea of having many different study programmes gathered in one place works really well. The students have many possibilities of working interdisciplinary, and at the same time they are close to the companies,” the Minister points out and concludes: 

”I have had a great experience while being in the centre of the melting pot here at VIA. The whole of Campus Horsens is organised in an exciting way, and the Student Entrepreneurship Centre has managed to get the students to think entrepreneurially and opening their own companies. It is well done”.

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