Raw and masculine design obtained a fine third place

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Friday 31st January 2014 in connection with the fashion week in Copenhagen the prestigious Designers’ Nest show was held. Third place went to Lise Weisbjerg Dahl, a graduate within Fashion Design from VIA Design & Business.

The spirits were high and so was the energy level during the show where 25 talented upcoming designers from design schools in all of Scandinavia showed their creative ideas to how we should dress in the future. At the catwalk we saw everything in the range from beautiful and simple creations to oversized and raw design. 

Inspiration from the fishing culture 

Lise’s design is raw and masculine. Her collection is called “Never Ending Story” and is inspired by the fishing culture and the surroundings she know so very well – her own native island, Jegindø. 

“It is a tribute to the authentic, masculine and primitive way of living. It is about getting back to the essentials,” Lise says. 

“I have put a lot of work into the craftsmanship and the processing of the textile. In a big white knitted sweater I have for instance been working with a woven solution manipulating with the expression between knitting and weaving. It is wool woven into a recycled fishing net. It is ok to sense the alternation between the primitive and the exclusive materials as for instance cotton and Kashmir,” she explains. 

A springboard to a future job 

Designers’ Nest is an obvious place for networking. Many established brands visit the show to see the young designers’ unspoiled ideas for future design. 

“It was totally unexpected and overwhelming to be allowed to participate at Designers’ Nest together with so many other qualified designers. It has both motivated me as well as inspired my future work with design,” says Lise, who is very happy for her third place. 

The designer Asger Juel Larsen and Woman’s Chief Editor Carina Nørgaard Schou were two of the persons in the jury. And the jury said this about Lise’s design: “A romantic story taking place in Jutland with real integrity and purity in design and choice of textiles.” 

”I am so happy that they attach importance to the story of my design. I think it is important to a message that you wish to pass on,” Lise underlines. “Mens’ fashion is terribly interesting, and I wish to create new projects as an entrepreneur in the future. Right now however I am open to opportunities which can offer interesting assignments and experience,” was Lise’s last remark. 

The winner of the competition was Giorgi Rostiashvili from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The second place went to Emelie Johansson from the University of Borås. 

Further information

Please contact Designer, Lise Weisbjerg Dahl
T: 40 41 92 73
E: lise.d1989@gmail.com

Head of Design, VIA Design &Business, Ingrid Søe
T: + 45 87 55 05 56
E: ins@viauc.dk

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