'Revolve' founder is the born entrepreneur

Slovakian guy who studys at VIA University College
Darius Moravcik represents the international and entrepreneurial student, VIA University College strives to develop. The 24-year-old Slovakian founded an international magazine, organized a summer school and is now helping VIA in China.

This week, the Danish Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard, visited VIA University College in Horsens. Here, he was met by an international and innovative environment in which half of 4.000 students are international and all bachelor degree programmes include a strong focus on entrepreneurship. 

“I am impressed with the projects I’ve seen, including the international student magazine ”Revolve”. It’s a great example of how an innovative initiative has been carried out,” the Minister said as he toured VIAs campus. 

Magazine is read across Denmark 

Darius Moravcik, who studies international sales and marketing at VIA, and fellow student Alex Tene launched Revolve in January 2011, because they couldn’t find a magazine for international students. 

“It didn’t exist in Denmark,” Darius Moravcik says. 

The 24-year-old Slovakian, who is currently doing an internship at VIAs office in China, says the magazine was first targeted students on VIAs seven campuses. Today, the only English-language magazine for students in Denmark is distributed across the country. 

The perfect innovative student

Darius Moravcik personifies the innovative international student, VIA University College strives to attract - and help develop. During his four years in Horsens, apart from launching Revolve, Darius has created the non-profit organization “Building Tomorrow” that designs, builds and conducts research on sustainable, off-the-grid housing. The interdisciplinary project has attracted international students to summer school at VIA and received international attention. 

China is more than rice fields 

This semester, he interns at VIAs new office in Chengdu, China. He splits his hours between VIA, Business Horsens and Hedensted, who are VIAs close partners in the strategically important area of Western China. “One of my priorities is to explore the opportunities for VIA as well as Horsens and Hedensted to develop projects with Chinese partners in Chengdu,” Darius Moravcik explains. 

He also sees it as an important task to show people in Denmark what life is like in one of the fastest-growing and largest cities in China. “Many people think that Western China is all rice fields. I want to show them that Chengdu, and China, has a whole lot of other things to offer,” he says. 

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