Stibo Systems and Rumanian Iulia are a good match

Rumanian girl with her danish chief
Iulia Popa and Jens Arnold Hem from Stibo Systems. 
Recently graduated as an ICT Engineer at VIA University College Campus Horsens, Iulia Popa was hired as a software developer at Stibo Systems in March 2014. Both Iulia and Stibo Systems are pleased about it.

For Jens Arnold Hem, Research & Development manager at Stibo Systems, Iulias professional qualifications, her winning personality, her good knowledge of the English languages, her humbleness and go for it attitude were the deciding factors for hiring her. 

From Jens Arnold Hem’s point of view, it did not matter that Iulia is Romanian. Stibo Systems is an international place of work and the company has had favourable experiences with integrating international employees. 

Professional and social integration 

Iulia has a position at the Danish Headquarters of Stibo Systems in Højbjerg/Aarhus, where both Danish and English are working languages. But Jens Arnold is aware of the fact that if Iulia is to be integrated quickly, it is a great advantage of hers to understand and speak Danish: 

”The employees are well suited to perform the professional tasks in English. But social conversations often take place in Danish. So when we hired Iulia, we made her aware of the fact that part of the working day will be in Danish,” Jens Arnold Hem says, and continues: 

”It is not up to Stibo Systems to teach Iulia to speak Danish. But I talk to her in Danish a lot of the time and challenge her to answer in Danish. For it is an advantage for her to know the language in order for her to take part in the professional conversations in the halls among the employees. For those conversations are something a new employee can learn a lot from.” 

The work also involves nuts and bolts

Whenever Jens Arnold Hem hires a recently graduated employee, he makes sure that the person involved does not retreat when presented with difficult tasks or tasks that are not within the scope of their interests: 

”No matter the job you have, from time to time there will always be nuts and bolts involved. Therefore, it is important to know how to cope with topics that you are not interested in but that are important in order to solve a task,” Jens Arnold Hem explains, and goes into detail: 

”Among other things, I check their grades. For if they only had high grades in the topics they are interested in, and low grades in other topics, this may indicate that they do not have the discipline required when it gets to the point of hard work and not only personal interests that drive the work”. 

Here, we are all equal

There are a lot of things that Iulia emphasises as being positive about working in Denmark and being employed by Stibo Systems. Among many other things it is the flat organisational structure, the freedom to accept responsibility, the attitude towards each other and the opportunity to present own ideas: 

”Here, we are all equal and everybody talks to everybody. Of course, we know who the boss is, but it is not a boss to be afraid of. At the start, it was a challenge for me to have so much freedom - that was something I had to get used to,” Iulia Popa smiles and continues: 

”It came as something of a surprise to me that I am allowed to offer suggestions and ideas – and that people actually listen to me. But if you have the right arguments, you can realise your ideas. It does not matter how long you have been with the company”. 

Social events every month

The professional challenges at Stibo Systems – and there are a lot of those – are important for Iulia. For she wants to develop and improve. At the same time, Iulia very much appreciates the social events in the work place: 

”I am really pleased about my colleagues and we do a lot together socially. This month, for instance, we have rum tasting. It is a good way to get to know the others and I believe we have a social event about once a month,” Iulia smiles and concludes: 

”It makes it easier to discuss professional topics and have social conversations at lunch if you have been to social events together. And it is really nice to be at a work place where the things that do not have to do with work have a high priority, too”. 

Denmark is the future

Jens Arnold Hem is pleased to have Iulia as an employee. Not only, because the many nationalities at Stibo Systems contribute to create a diverse culture that makes the company an attractive place of work. 

And despite the fact that Iulia has only been working at Stibo Systems a little over six months, she is very happy about it. All in all, she is so enthusiastic about being in Denmark that she just moved in with her Danish boyfriend in Aarhus. So the future is Danish. 

Facts about Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems is the global leader in the area of Master Data Management solutions. 

In the last 30 years, the company has assisted organisations in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, retail, tourism, the motor industry and the colonial trading industry to control their strategic information globally. 

Stibo Systems is a fast growing company, but at the same time we are a solid organisation with a rich tradition. 

The parent company, Stibo A/S, was founded in 1794 with the status as supplier to the Danish court and is still owned privately. (So you could say that we are the oldest software company in the world!).