Students are inspired by Danish pedagogy

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Four Romanian students complete their education with one year of BA in Social Education in Holstebro. They are looking forward to take their exciting knowledge back to Romania. And to make an influence on the Romanian pedagogy.

"In Romania, we are in the process of reforming the entire educational system. Therefore we are seeking inspiration from other countries. We have learned about your education and think it's really exciting. So we are here to learn exactly how you are doing it" says Corina Matei. 

In the beginning of September she came to Holstebro together with three other Romanian students to take a Double Degree in BA of Social Education here. In Romania the four girls are studying Educational Sciences to become specialists in pedagogy. Which they would like to work with in Romania using the inspiration and knowledge of Danish pedagogy they have gained. 

More outdoor pedagogy 

"In Denmark you are very good at outdoor activities and let the children play more freely. Children are allowed to jump and run. Even if they are inside. In Romania there is a different mentality. We make sure that the children are inside and remain calm. So they do not get injured. So nothing happens to them. We want to change this, so children have more opportunities to express themselves. It is much better for their development," says Ana Prepelita. 

Theory into Practice 

The four girls agree that education in Denmark is much more geared towards practice than in Romania. In Denmark they learn to reflect and apply the theories in the world around them. 

"We must always imagine how we can use theories in reality. It's a good way to learn. We want to bring this concept home to influence the education system in Romania. On the other hand, there are many things we can teach you in return, like learning information by heart. We are really good at that. It makes us fast and flexible" says Florentina Stamate. 

The relationship between teachers and students meets with the girls approval as well. They find the environment at Campus Holstebro really good. This is partly due to the excellent relationship between the teachers and students. 

"In Romania we have a good relationship with our teachers, but here the relationship is even stronger. There is greater equality and that is good because it makes it easier to learn, "says Miruna Milesca. 

A pleasant town with clean streets 

The four girls are happy to stay in Holstebro, where they share an apartment. They feel welcome and accepted, and enjoy being acquainted with both the city and it's surroundings. 

"Especially the old town is really nice. And your streets are unbelievably clean - and then you have to go on the grass" laugh the girls. They finish all their Danish and Romanian education in June, after which they go back home to look for work. Florentina and Miruna would like to work with grown-ups, while both Corina and Ana dream of creating their own private kindergarten based on Danish pedagogical principles. 

Translated by James Doherty, Cambridge