Students present paper at conference in London

A couple of VIA students attending a conference in London
Andrei Ursachi and Dorin Bordeasu from VIA Campus Horsens.
Andrei Ursachi and Dorin Bordeasu from VIA Campus Horsens have attended the ICEE London 2014 to present the results of their experiments with the Smart Grid Simulator which is based on Labview.

Smart Grids can, explained in simple terms, help retrieve cheaper energy solutions for both households and companies. And the results which Andrei and Dorin presented were based on simulated experiments with Smart Grids in a smaller urban community. 

If an urban community chooses to establish an energy association based on solar energy, geothermal energy or wind energy, they are able to buy and sell energy to each other. This depends on which producing energy source is cheapest at a given point of time. 

The control and regulation is made with a configurable Labview algorithm that in a period of 24 hours will calculate the best balance between buying and selling energy. This means that the user of the Smart Grid Simulator will get the lowest energy bill while being able to sell energy back to the ‘system’ if the rules of the country allow it. 

Blackout could have been avoided

”We presented the results of our experiments a short while after they had experienced a 4-hour long blackout in London. And we were able to inform them that if they have had a Smart Grid to balance the energy, it could have been avoided”, Andrei and Dorin explain and continue: 

”There were many present at the conference, who did not know how a Smart Grid works. So we think that it was a surprise for them to learn that it can help save energy expenses while at the same time be used for energy storage”, Andrei and Dorin explain and conclude: 

”Our paper is also – in a version where we focused on economic advantages – accepted at a conference in Japan. Here, the results were presented but without us being present. So we have received a lot of positive feedback on our work with the Smart Grid”. 

Functionality and development opportunities

At the conference, Andrei and Dorin chose to base their presentation on how they had used the Smart Grid during their experiments, and how a Smart Grid in general works. 

Andrei and Dorin presented the system they had used during their experiments and how this works. They also presented their idea of who would benefit from a Smart Grid, and what the development opportunities were. 

You can read their paper here 

More information

If you would like to know more of VIA’s work within Smart Grid Simulators, please contact: 

Senior Lecturer, Poul Væggemose, from the Centre for Applied Research and Development – Energy and Constructions and the ICT Engineering programme
T: (+45) 8755 4242

  • ICEE London 2014: International Conference on Electrical Engineering is the official title of the conference where Andrei and Dorin participated 
  • In order to be considered as a presenter of one’s paper within research and development at the ICEE London 2014, the paper was evaluated by three university lecturers from three different universities. They had to decide if the paper and the quality of the research made met the standards of the conference 
  • The paper which Andrei Ursachi and Dorin Bordeasu presented in London was a continuation of Andrei’s bachelor project from the VIA ICT Engineering programme 
  • Dorin Bordeasu is a VIA Mechanical Engineering student and has contributed to the paper with elements such as a range of calculations on how the Smart Grid has functioned during their simulated experiments.