Talent is the future of a living fashion business

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The Design School Kolding, The Academy of Fine Art's Design School and VIA University College/TEKO Design+Business have started a cooperation in order to present tomorrows designers for the business they will be a part of.

The three schools – each with its history and strong profile - are to educate the most skilled designers within Danish fashion. 

1st July the newly qualified designers will be presented to the business, the press and the decisions makers in order to make cohesion in the designers way from school to business. 

The wish is that the schools and the business work together in creating the platform that is necessary for the newly qualified designers to get a strong network to help them further in the fashion business. At the same time it is important that the business gets the possibility to be constantly updated on what is happening within the designers and also gets the best possibilities to recruit the creative talents. 

Future of Fashion will be a day with an inspiring mixture of shows and meetings between companies and newly qualified designers. It will be possible to see portfolios, make interviews, speak to the designers and of course do a lot of informal networking. 

WEAR/Danish Trade has joined the tree schools to create the best frames for the day at Børsen in Copenhagen. If you wish further information, please contact Rasmus Nordqvist or Ulla Skjødt. 


1st July 2013 


Børsen, Copenhagen 


WEAR/Danish Trade and Innovationsnetværket Livsstil – Bolig & Beklædning (Innonet Lifestyle Interior & Clothing) 

Project managers 

Rasmus Nordqvist
T: +45 2763 0531
E: rasmus@rasmusnordqvist.com

Ulla Skjødt
T: 0045 2624 3224
E: ulla@itsfashiondarling.dk