The FoodRoulette wins Danish Entrepreneurship price

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The Food Roulette is a concept where six people, who don't know each other, meet at a dinner which they create together.
Denmark’s largest dinner club got the price in the category Society & People at the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship in the Børssal at the Danish Chamber of Commerce on 22 May 2014.

Stine Juul Hansen and Asger Møller Dombernowsky, both born and raised in Aarhus, started the dinner concept in 2013, when they both studied at VIA Entrepreneurship in Aarhus. 

It was such a good concept that it was clearly the basis for a company, which is today represented in three Danish cities, namely Aarhus, Aalborg, and Copenhagen, and the company has now been awarded with DKK 25,000 at the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship. 

The encounter with people and food 

“We had a project, where we were going to look into trends in society and find a gap in the market. During this process, we found out that a lot of young people are social through the online media today. We wanted to react to that, and this is how the FoodRoulette came into existence”, says Stine Juul Hansen. 

The concept is that six people, who do not know each other, meet at a dinner, which they create together. It is about meeting and being social, and it is about food experiences. 

“It is so cool that we won in the category Society & People. We are happy and proud, and we can’t stop cheering”, says a very happy Asger Møller Dombernowsky. He continues: 

“It has been a tremendous help that we had the opportunity to start our company during our education. We have received indispensable support and counselling during the process from our teachers, but also from VIA Student Incubator, which we are connected with.” 

High standards

12 teams had qualified for the finals in the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship. They competed in four categories and also for the overall title as winner of the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship 2014. Generally there were high standards in all categories. 

“When you look at the quality in the competition today, you are not in doubt that many of these young people will succeed with their companies. This year, the young entrepreneurs were a lot further with their ideas and concepts than we have seen earlier, and when they have already tried their strength on entrepreneurship during their study period, they will be far more ready to start actual growth companies”, says Christian Vintergaard, Managing Director in the Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise. 

The FoodRoulette is already growing, and the jury especially attached importance to their thoroughly tested concept, the great marked potential, and their anthropological approach to the target group. 

For more information, please contact:

The FoodRoulette
Stine juul Hansen
T: +45 30 33 26 33 

Asger Møller Dombernowsky
T: + 45 28 57 70 74 

The winners in the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship

The four category winners were: Mobile & Web: Visible By, EA Aarhus, Product & Technology: Cool4Sea, SIMAC in Svendborg. The group had developed a system for turning heat surplus in ships into cooling. The system is environment friendly and energy saving. 

The group from SIMAC also got the special price Hyundai Brilliant Young Entrepreneur 2014 and won Euro 15,000 and a mentor course of nine months. 

The Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship 

The Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship is for students in short and medium long educations. They have all participated in the entrepreneur course Start Up Programme. The purpose of this programme is to motivate the students to entrepreneurship and to develop their understanding of a businesslike utilisation of creative ideas. 

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Young Enterprise is behind the Start Up Programme and the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship, which is arranged in cooperation with Hyundai, Microsoft, Danish Chamber of Commerce, CareWare, and YEAD.