Sports integrates students at Campus Horsens

VIA Sports Club offers daily activities such as basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, salsa, hiphop, dodge ball, yoga, MMA, "insanity training" - all with great support from the students.
At VIA in Horsens, the students can engage themselves in a variety of sports in VIA Sports Club – for the benefit of the international students in particular

There are about 20 different sports to choose amongst within VIA Sports Club so there should be something to suit all. The ‘Club’ has 250 members, and a membership costs 550 DKK per semester.

The membership allows the students to participate in all the classes within the available sports. And classes are available each day – on weekdays typically between 16:00 and 22:00 and in the weekends between 10:00 and 22:00 – both at the sports hall on Campus Horsens and at facilities in Horsens city.

VIA Sports Club has a Facebook Page, (and the different sports also have their own Facebook Page), where the students can keep themselves updated on when and where to find the different classes.

Across academic disciplines, countries and cultures

Jacob Becker is the President of VIA Sports Club Jacob Becker is the President of VIA Sports Club. He was first involved in the club, when he moved from Copenhagen to Horsens to study Value Chain Management:

”I did not know anyone in Horsens, so I had to get involved socially if I wanted a network. And one of the things I got involved with was VIA Sports Club, as sports are a good way to meet new people”, Jacob says and continues:

“Through sport, you meet across academic disciplines, countries and cultures. It is particularly an offer which attracts many exchange students. And I am positive that it helps them settle and gives them many positive experiences”.

Sports should not only be offered through associations

In Denmark, sports are traditionally offered through sport associations or through a fitness centre. Here, sport and education typically do not go hand in hand. But in other countries, the culture surrounding associations is not so familiar:

“Many of the Danish students do a lot of sport all around town. To them, it is natural to join a club or association when moving to a new town. But for the international students, it may be a whole new kind of world”, Jacob points out and explains:

”In their eyes, it is normal to do sports at the same place as where you get your education. And through VIA Sports Club, they have many possibilities to try out different sports and meet people, who they might not have met otherwise”.

Voluntary work is essential

VIA Sports Club is based on voluntary and unpaid work. Both the instructors and Jacob Becker, who is in charge of administration and recruitment, work for free. The student memberships cover rent for the sports hall at Campus Horsens, sports equipment and training of the instructors:

”Our instructors take on a great deal of responsibility even though all we provide them with is a sweatshirt and some training courses within the sports they are involved with. And we are totally dependent on the voluntary work in order for all things to run smoothly”, Jacob stresses and concludes:

”It would be great if there were other sport clubs at the other campuses, so we were able to host tournaments and compete against each other. But we try to get involved with local clubs and challenge them for competitions”.