Think out of the box

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Friday 28 June, the graduation ceremony took place at VIA Campus Horsens celebrating 130 exchange students from five different study programmes. The exchange students have studied at VIA for one or two semesters, and they were handed their diplomas at a festive event.

Following the presentation of diplomas, champagne, almond sticks and other treats were served for the students, who spend most of the day on saying goodbye to their classmates and teachers before many returned to their home countries. 

Smarter not harder 

International Project Manager, Jan Uwe Wolff, was the principal speaker of the day, and he praised the students for their diligence and their ability to work innovatively: 

”You have shown us that you are not afraid to think out of the box, and that you understand using an innovative approach to problems, which will help make you an attractive player on the labour market. You have also shown that you have been able to become quickly integrated here at VIA, and you have been able to become an active part of the education, even though many of you are used to a very different method of teaching”, Jan Uwe Wolff said to those present and continued: 

”When you join the labour market, you will experience that everything has to be cheaper and better at the same time. Therefore, it will become important that you understand how to work smarter and not harder. In other words, you must be aware of how to best approach your work. It will be a great challenge”. 

Nice atmosphere 

Polish Agnieszka Onczarek was one of the students who received her diploma and then returned to Poland. According to Agnieszka, it was a great experience spending a semester at VIA Campus Horsens: 

”There is a really nice atmosphere at VIA Campus Horsens. The relationship which you establish with your teacher is friendlier than what I am used to. The things which we have worked on have been very practice-oriented, and I really like that because then we get a chance of testing the theories in practice”. 

From start to finish 

Mateusz Ptoszaj-Mazurek, who has spent a semester at the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme, will take with him fond memories from his time at VIA in Horsens. While being an exchange student, he participated in a design contest where he had to develop sitting furniture for the centre of Horsens – a contest which he ended up winning. But first of all, he has been happy with the chance of working on projects from start till finish: 

”I am very happy with haven been given the chance to work on projects from start to finish, and that it was not just parts of a project which I was working on. This gave me the possibility of overviewing an entire project, which has been very educational. So all in all, I have been very pleased with being in Horsens and in Denmark. Maybe, I will return when I take my Master’s degree”.