Three VIA students nominated for the Innovation Award 2014

Three VIA students who are nominated for an innovation award
The Innovation Award is awarded at the Danish Festival of Research, and the winner will receive 50,000 DKK. There are three nominated projects, where students from VIA are behind one of them with their ‘ideo notebook’.

”From thought to invoice” is the headline of the Innovation Award 2014, which the Minister for Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, will present at the opening ceremony of the Festival of Research in Aalborg on 24 April. The thought behind the award is that innovation is not just something we work with out of desire for it, but instead an imperative necessity if we want to develop our welfare society. 

Darius Moravcik, Benjamin Eriksen and Patryk Borkowski from the International Sales and Marketing Management, Global Business Engineering and Value Chain Management programmes at VIA Campus Horsens have indeed demonstrated the ability to think innovatively with their development of an ’ideo notebook’. 

The ’ideo notebook’ looks like a regular paper notebook, but the sides are made from the same material as the surface of a whiteboard. This makes it easy if you, as for example an architect or engineering, are adding, deleting and changing things while working with a marker pen and making work drawings. 

Feedback is a necessary part of development 

”We are still in the development process even though we have produced almost five different prototypes in cooperation with our manufacturer. So we hope that we can get some talented people to listen to our idea and let us know, what they think” Darius, Benjamin and Patryk explain and continue: 

”What can help us move on is the feedback from experts and users. Therefore, we have produced 60 ‘ideo notebooks’, which we have sold to our fellow students to get their feedback – which functions are most important to them, and how can we improve those”. 

Darius, Benjamin and Patryk have developed a website, where it is already possible to pre-order the ’ideo notebook’: 

Handwriting is stored digitally 

One of the things which Darius, Benjamin and Patryk have worked with intensely is how to digitalize the content which you write in your ‘ideo’. That is, how the users can save the notes, drawings and calculations they have handwritten into the ‘ideo’ digitally. 

“Even though, we are living in a digital word, there will always be a need for hand writing. And this is what we have kept in mind while developing the ‘ideo’. But we are also aware of the need to store the things you have written in hand digitally”, Darius, Benjamin and Patryk explain and conclude: 

”We are developing an app, which the users can use to photograph selected pages in the ‘ideo’ and save them digitally. There are already many similar apps, but not as good as the one we want, so this is a challenge which we are working to solve”. 

The app which Darius, Benjamin and Patryk are developing will make it possible to take pictures from all angles with a smartphone. The app will scale the picture to give it the right proportions and synchronize it with Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, mail and other platforms. 

For more information 

Please contact Project Manager, René Dybdal Pedersen, VIA University College
T: (+45) 8755 2974

About the Innovation Award 2014

All students from institutions of higher education in Denmark can participate in the challenge of winning the Innovation Award 2014. A panel of judges consisting of professionals will select three nominees for the Innovation Award. The nominees must present their idea at the opening ceremony of the Festival of Research on 24 April. The best project will win 50,000 DKK and will receive the offer of professional counselling from CONNECT DENMARK to help them realize their idea. 

About the Festival of Research 

The Festival of Research is a 3-day national event focusing on research. The Festival offers almost 600 events and presentations across Denmark. The purpose is to arouse public interest in and enhance public understanding of the outcomes of research within our society and everyday life. In 2014, it will be the tenth time that the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in cooperation with local companies invite the public for the Festival of Research. 

About VIA 

VIA University College is Denmark’s largest university college with approximately 18,000 students and more than 40 study programmes located across our seven campus cities within the Central Denmark Region. VIA offers a wide range of programmes within business, engineering, construction, teaching, nursing, design, animation as well as continuing education. VIA has 18 research centres that work with a range of profession-oriented research and development projects.

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