To travel is to learn

VIA education exhibition
Thursday 14 November 2013, an International Partner Fair took place at Campus Horsens. Here, the students were able to meet 12 institutions of higher education representing seven different countries.

The Partner Fair, which is a part of an International Partner Week, aims to inspire VIA’s students to spend part of their studies abroad. This will help them achieve the international competences sought after by both the government and the business industries. 

The event went well according to Thea Thaysen, International Coordinator at VIA Campus Horsens: 

”We have invited a wide range of our international partners to present our students with their English-spoken exchange opportunities. This will hopefully create a sense of curiosity amongst our students, so they may be influenced to spend part of their studies in another country”. 

Close cooperation with the business industry 

Daniela Knott, from Hochschule Regensburg in Germany, participated to present VIA’s students with the wide range of exchange courses offered by her institution: 

”We have been pleased with the students from VIA who have studied with us before, and we would like to welcome more. As within VIA, we have a close cooperation with the business industries, and our location is in close proximity to for example Audi and BMW’s factories – companies which our students often do projects for”. 

At Hochschule Regensburg, the 9,000 students are spread out at eight faculties. They especially focus on their engineering programmes. 

Studies abroad provide international possibilities 

Marc Jalksø, a third semester Architectural Technology and Construction Management student, was one of those who visited the Partner Fair. Marc is going to Australia on his fifth semester: 

”Even though I am going to Australia, I am still interested in learning more about what the institutions at the Partner Fair have to offer”, Marc Jalksø explains and continues: 

”I have chosen to study abroad, because I believe that a stay abroad can help me qualify to work internationally once I finish my studies. And I would very much like that”, Marc Jalksø concludes. 


International Partner Week and the Partner Fair aim to support the government’s plan for internationalisation. It is a goal of the government for one in two students to spend a period abroad. 

Therefore, VIA encourages all students to have a stay abroad, which will allow them to achieve the international competences sought after by the business industries. At the same time, the students who challenge themselves with a stay abroad will undergo both personal and academic development and achieve a global vision. 

Further information 

Contact International Coordinator
Thea Thaysen, from the International Office at VIA Campus Horsens.
T: +45 8755 4021