VIA and Qatar University sign collaborative agreement

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham and Mr. Harald Mikkelsen
President of VIA University College, Harald Mikkelsen and President of Qatar University, Dr. Hassan Al-Derham shaking hands at the signing ceremony in Doha. 
On November 5th 2015, VIA University College signed an agreement with Qatar University aimed at knowledge sharing and education of future engineers. The University in Doha is especially interested in project work and how to involve businesses, as VIA does at its engineering programmes.

One of the leading universities in the Middle East, Qatar University, looks for Danish inspiration in order to strengthen its engineering programmes. VIA University College will provide the inspiration.

Educational institutions should cooperate across borders

The purpose of the agreement between VIA Engineering and College of Engineering at Qatar University is to exchange students and lecturers, create joint research projects and develop common engineering programmes.

Lotte Thøgersen, Director of Studies and Research at VIA Engineering is looking forward to the collaboration.

“The future cooperation on educating engineers in Qatar as well as in Denmark brings great opportunities. In a time where businesses work across borders, it is an advantage to all, that educational institutions do the same,” Lotte Thøgersen says.

Engineering is a good starting point

She believes that the area of engineering is an appropriate field to collaborate on because it is tangible, practice-oriented and build on the same academic knowledge base.

According to Lotte Thøgersen, Qatar University is very interested in the Danish way of studying and educating.

“They ask about our project-based learning as well as the focus we have on entrepreneurship and innovation in the engineering programmes at VIA, “ Lotte Thøgersen says.

Danish minister participates in ceremony

At the signing ceremony in Doha on November 5th, the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science, Esben Lunde Larsen, participated as well.

Rector at VIA, Harald Elmo Mikkelsen, is happy about the fact that the minister participated in the ceremony.

“It is positive that our minister personally experience how foreign partners ask for the quality and knowledge that Danish study programmes have,” Harald Mikkelsen says.

For further information, please contact:

Lotte Thøgersen, Director of Studies and Research at VIA Engineering
T: 87 55 41 91

Marie Hjortdal, Ministry of Higher Education and Science
T: 72 31 80 08