VIA Design (previous TEKO) celebrates graduates from new programme

Graduates from Materials Science & Product Design
Six happy graduates – and a happy lecturer in the middle – were presented with their diploma at a cosy graduation ceremony at VIA Design (previous TEKO) in Herning. Photo: Louise Schreiner Hedehom
On December 8, VIA Design (previous TEKO) in Herning held a graduation ceremony, where the first group of students from the new engineering programme Materials Science & Product Design graduated.

With smiling faces and sparkling eyes, the relief of now being fully qualified was noticeable, when six newly graduated Materials Science & Product Design engineers were honoured by VIA, along with their friends and family.

These graduates are unique in many ways. They are the first graduates from an education of which VIA is the only provider in Denmark.

Senior Consultant and coordinator of the programme Poul-Erik Jørgensen was proud of the graduates. At the same time, he was thrilled to send some enthusiastic and highly competent graduates into the business world, where their competencies will now be shown to their full advantage.

Materials are the centre of attention

At Materials Science & Product Design, the focus is on materials for textiles and furniture. The new graduates have a good appreciation of materials, they are familiar with the characteristics of the materials, and they can link the knowledge of the materials' opportunities to the development of products:

“The graduates’ technical knowledge of materials is very high. They understand the methods and tools for how to test, work with and develop materials. Therefore, they also know how to choose the right materials depending on the task and the product," Poul-Erik Jørgensen says and continues:

“The new graduates hold a broad knowledge of engineering, and they have the tools to work with product development, sourcing and quality assurance, and at the same time they have an understanding of aesthetics. Also, we have already seen that the students bring certain competences that are much in demand in the business industry".

Newly graduated with a good job

One of the graduates from Materials Science & Product Design is Louise Schreiner Hedeholm. Louise has been pleased to attend the programme, not least because it covers a wide range of fields, and because it is possible to point the programme in the direction that is of the highest interests to the individual student.

"We have been working with many different subject areas during the programme and not least how to link these areas. Thus, we are now a sort of all-round graduates, who can use the education in different ways," Louise Schreiner Hedeholm explains and concludes:

"The programme has been exciting, and now I'm looking forward to getting started with my new job as Strategic Product Development Coordinator at Beirholms Væverier A/S.  I work as an engineer and I will be dealing with product development, quality management and project management. It's going to be exciting".


Louise Schreiner Hedeholm received a scholarship of DKK 1,500 issued by VIA University College for her commitment, attitude, ability to tackle new challenges and not least her curiosity to learn new things during the entire programme.