VIA researchers win European language award 

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"Signs of Language" – a collaborative research project – is awarded the European Language Label 2014. The project aims at developing literacy teaching in multilingual classrooms.

On September 25th, “Signs of Language” was one of two Danish winners of the European Language Label 2014. 

The project is a research collaboration between five municipalities, Aarhus University, and four university colleges - including VIA University College. 

The project aims at generating knowledge about bilingual children's literacy-learning and developing literacy-teaching in multilingual classrooms. 

Stakeholder-collaboration and long-term results

In awarding this year's prize to Signs of Language, the European expert panel emphasized the "collaboration between all stakeholders with knowledge and experience in language teaching practices. Such collaboration is a strong starting point for creating long-term results that benefits both students and teachers." 

At VIA University College, the project is carried out by VIA Language, Literacy & Learning, center for research & development. Since 2008, Project Manager Line Møller Daugaard has led a local research team at the Danish primary school Søndervangskolen in Aarhus. 

Followed students and teachers for 6 years

Line Møller Daugaard says the length of the project is one of the biggest strengths. 

“We have followed students for the first 6 years of primary school. This gives us a unique opportunity to get detailed knowledge from teachers and children – and their interaction in class,” Line Møller Daugaard says. 

VIA extends the study to kindergarten 

Since 2011, VIA has worked to extend the research to include children in kindergarten. “Biliteracy in Kindergarten”, is a collaboration between VIA Language, Literacy & Learning and Aarhus Municipality. 

The new project aims at translating the lessons learned through Signs of Language to younger children. One focus is to involve the parents of bilingual children in the language and literacy learning activities in kindergarten. 

For more information, please contact 

Line Møller Daugaard, Head of research VIA Language, Literacy & Learning, center for research and development
T: + 45 8755 1736 

About the European Language Label 

  • The European Language Label is awarded by the European Commission. The award encourages new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, such as new teaching techniques, promoting best practices, and spreading the knowledge of languages. 
  • Each year, the European Language Label is awarded to the most innovative language learning project in more than 20 countries. 

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