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Prime Minister Truong Tan Sang from Vietnam visited Denmark 20th September 2013 to sign an agreement regarding business and education programmes. Anne Mette Zachariassen, who is the manager of VIA University College's School of Creative Industries, TEKO Design+Business, participated in the ceremony.

In 2011 both Anne Mette Zachariassen as well as Helle Winding, manager of TEKO's education programmes within business, were part of a delegation that went to Vietnam in order to promote Danish business and education programmes. 

"VIA UC, TEKO Design+Business, visited Vietnam in the spring and signed an education agreement with HUTECH University. This agreement was sealed 20th September in connection with the official Danish ceremony in which the Vietnamese Prime Minister as well as Crown Prince Frederik were present," Anne Mette Zachariassen explains. Margrethe Vestager, who is Denmark's Minister of the Interior and Henrik Sass Larsen, Minister of Business and Growth were representing the official Denmark. 

Possible export of education programmes 

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is about to invest in both business and education programmes in the coming years. It is Anne Mette Zachariassen's opinion that VIA – apart from exchanging students – can also contribute with the export of education programmes. 

"Apart from the education agreement I think that it is possible for us to increase the Vietnamese interest for our education programmes and for Danish business concepts. This is an obvious possibility of export of systems," says the Manager of School of Creative Industries. 

TEKO Design+Business has already education agreements in many countries and the number is increasing. The demands to the future employees in the fashion and lifestyle business are of course a high degree of professionalism, but they also need to know about other cultures. 

Danish students in Vietnam 

In August TEKO Design+Business sent 20 business students to Vietnam, where they will spend a semester with both lectures and work placements. At HUTECH University the Danish students will be taught Vietnamese language. They will also be introduced to the Vietnamese culture and get knowledge of the business structure within fashion and furniture – in English. 

The students will all have a 9 weeks work placement in a local company. By the end of the semester the Danish students will have to make an assignment in cooperation with Vietnamese university students and thus theory, practice and intercultural skills are combined in the best possible way. 

"Today it is a must that you know how to act in a globalized world. We must equip our students in order for them to be ready to take that challenge," says Helle Winding, who also participated in the official ceremony. 

With the cooperation agreement the Vietnamese students get the possibility to be exchange students at TEKO Design+Business in Herning. 


The official ceremony was organized in cooperation with Danish Industry, Agriculture and Food and The Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Anne Mette Zachariassen
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Helle Winding
Manager of the education programmes within business, VIA Design and Business
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