VIA establishes research centre in China

A new research centre in Chengdu is to create common solutions to global challenges within water, land, energy and the environment.

Strong economic growth in China has created major challenges in relation to the supply of drinking water and the discharging of wastewater. Environment and renewable energy is being put on the political agenda in China. Therefore, the country requires knowledge on renewable energy and water. 

In 2014 Horsens Municipality and VIA University College opened the Joint Research Centre "Sino-Danish New Energy and Environmental Protection Research and Development Application Centre" in Chengdu in western China. The centre is located in the EU’s Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC). 

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China is challenged

"China has huge challenges within water and energy. These are areas we also focus on in Denmark and we are well advanced in developing technological solutions,” says Lotte Thøgersen, director of research and studies at VIA Engineering. She leads VIA Building, Energy & Environment centre for research and development, which works in cooperation with Chinese and Danish partners. "As a research institution, we can create cooperative-projects at a high level in China," says Lotte Thøgersen.

Huge export potential

The research director feels that the Chinese are expressing a great desire to make contact with Danish researchers and businesses that have knowledge and experience within energy and water. EUPIC, an EU project funded organisation that works to strengthen cooperation between China and the EU, has the same requirements. The Danish government has, at the same time, expressed an expectation for the region’s huge export potential.

New supply chain management course

Apart from projects and cooperation, the aim is to have a PhD student exchange. Specifically, a number of students from China will come to Denmark to work within supply chain management. In the summer of 2015, VIA launched a new engineering course in supply chain management. It is the first of its kind in Denmark and will train graduates with the skills needed and focus precisely on those challenges that Denmark and the international market will face in the coming years within water and energy.


Theis Raaschou Andersen, Director of Research, PhD 
Research Centre for Built Environment, Energy, Water and Climate

T: +45 8755 4295

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