Bachelor of Diakonia & Social Pedagogy

About the programme

The programme educates students to work with vulnerable people, such as the homeless, mentally ill and people with addictions. 

Courses include social studies, social education and pedagogy, care work, religion and philosophy. Courses are taught as a combination of class work, lectures, project work and internships – which can take place internationally. 

Professional profile

Graduates work in a range of public institutions and private organisations, including NGOs, which handle vulnerable groups. 

Graduates can also continue for a master's degree at a university. 


  • Duration: 3.5 years (210 ECTS) 
  • Degree: Professional Bachelor of Diakonia and Social Pedagogy 
  • Campus: Aarhus C 


Anita W. Petersen
T: + 45 41 72 86 12