Bachelor of Psychomotor Therapy

About the programme

The professional bachelor degree programme educates students to work as psychomotor therapists using modern methods of treatment and prevention that includes physical, mental and social aspects of health. 

The programme distinguishes itself through process-oriented learning. This includes theoretical and practical courses, as well as internships and project work. Students learn to reflect on and respond to the interaction between bodily and psychological experiences in individuals and groups. Body consciousness, empathy, relational and communications skills are an important parts of the training. 

International internships and exchange options are available for students. 

Professional profile

Psychomotor therapists work with health promotion and prevention through rehabilitation, education and therapy. In Denmark, psychomotor therapists are employed as therapists and counsellors in the public and private health sectors, the education and social sectors as well as in private practice. 

Graduates are employed in childcare, psychiatric institutions, rehabilitation, disability and elderly care centres among other places. In private practice, psychomotor therapists work with mental and physical health, including ergonomics, personal care and stress management. 

Graduates can pursue a master's degree at a university. 


  • Duration: 3.5 years (210 ECTS) 
  • Degree: Professional Bachelor of Psychomotor Therapy 
  • Campus: Randers. Read about Campus Randers. 


Helle Brok
Head of programme and international coordinator
T: + 45 87 55 25 60