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Danish-style preschool in Bucharest makes a difference

VIA exports knowledge and trains professionals for modern welfare institutions and private companies. We do so in cooperation with partners around the world.

Areas of expertise

  • Early childhood, primary and secondary schools

    Our knowhow builds on Danish educational methods developed over more than 100 years.

    VIA offers consultative services and skills training in early childhood and social education, primary and secondary school education as well as institutional management. 

    We assist partners around the world meet professional and leadership challenges in education. 

    Our knowhow builds on methods and values developed in Denmark and Northern Europe for more than 100 years. 

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    Or please contact: 

    Jesper Marius Als
    Senior International Adviser
    T: +45 87 55 34 56

  • Health and elderly care

    Our specialist knowledge includes elderly care, dementia, nutrition and rehabilitation.

    VIA's department of Health Sciences offers educational courses for healthcare professionals around the world. 

    Our specialist knowledge includes elderly care, dementia, nutrition and rehabilitation and we offer training modules, management and quality assurance. 

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    Or contact: 

    Karen Frederiksen
    Director of Studies and International Affairs
    T: +45 87 55 29 69

  • Business, technology and creative industries

    We cooperate internationally in developing talent, innovation and technology.

    VIA offers consultancy services in areas such as management, environment, energy, technology, and design. 

    Our knowledge builds on research and development within water resources, resilience, construction, animation and design among other things. 

    We cooperate with public and private companies in Denmark and internationally in developing talent, innovation and technology that prepares organisations for the future, and are always interested in new partnerships.

    For more information, please contact: 

    Jonna Pedersen
    Director of Innovation & Internationalisation 
    T: + 45 87 55 40 13

  • Continuing education

    We offer course packages that include accommodation, social events and guided excursions.

    VIA offers tailor-made courses and consultancy services within continuing education for public and private companies. Our subjects are targeted professions for which we educate candidates – such as education, healthcare, technology and business. 

    We offer complete course packages that include accommodation, social events and guided excursions in Denmark and Europe. 

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    Or please contact: 

    Mette Kirstine Østergaard
    Director of Studies
    T: +45 87 55 18 29

  • VIA in China

    VIA has extensive experience in China. 

    VIA established our first partnership in China in 2001. Today, we cooperate with universities, authorities and companies across the country. 

    We experience an increasing Chinese interest in Danish education and knowhow. China looks for inspiration on how to handle the increasing need for eldercare services, energy, water and environmental challenges as well as preschool education. 

    Export builds on collaboration

    Our export to China include courses, skills training and consultancy services. All of our activities build on strong academic partnerships that includes exchange of students and staff, double degree programmes and research. 

    All of our faculties and schools are involved in our Chinese activities. 

    For more information, please contact: 

    Karen Søndergaard Kramp 
    China Project Manager 
    T: + 87 55 29 84