New ways of learning

How do we educate brave, curious and skilled practitioners? 

We keep asking this question at Faculty of Continuing Education. We work strategically to answer the question by continuing to develop our didactic repertoire and by strengthening the collaboration with our partners. We call this focus area "Innovation og nye læringsrum." (Innovation and new learning environments). 

We train and educate the tutors in the use of rhetoric, drama, process exercises and graphic facilitation in order to boost our pool of teaching methods. Upon completion of "Innovation and new learning environments", the tutor will publish a brief article to illustrate how the courses and programmes at School of Continuing Education strengthen the teaching as well as the students' learning. 

Blended learning and online teaching

Blended learning is also a focus area at Faculty of Continuing Education. In order to strengthen the differentiation of the teaching methods and in doing so, the flexibility of our participants, we are conducting a research project in 2014. The aim of the project is to develop a method for designing, creating and developing e-learning activities for adult, professional students.


Director of Studies
Mette Østergaard