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VIA International Class in Teacher Education


For students interested in studying new innovative teaching approaches, relational work, classroom management and didactics in a international environment.

About the programme

  • Facts

    Title: The International Class in Teacher Education

    Duration of the programme: One semester, 30 ECTS

    Programme start: Mid-August and February

    Application deadlines:
    For the autumn semester: 1 May 
    For the spring semester:  1 November

    Study location: Aarhus. Read about Campus Aarhus C

    Language: The programme is taught in English

  • Structure and content

    We offer five modules in The International Class in Teacher Education. One module is mandatory and four of the modules are optional.

    The semester consists of one mandatory module, plus two modules chosen by you. You can take maximum three modules equivalent of 30 ECTS in total.

    You will be studying in an international study environment at VIA University College at Campus Aarhus C. The Campus is brand new and located in the city centre of Aarhus. 

    The international students come from many different countries. Most come from Europe.

    Teaching methods

    Our teaching methods promote different and varied work and study forms, such as lectures, discussions, student presentations and group activities. Some of the teaching approaches are process-based.

    Collaboration between teachers and students is based on the students’ individual initiative and independent work.

    The practical perspective: Danish school culture

    As an international student, you will study Danish school culture close up as a part of your semester. We consider the practical perspective of the teaching profession to be very important. 

    We will allocate you to a Danish primary or lower secondary school or a boarding school for a period of time.The cost of the boarding school will be 1.000 kr. (135 euro) for each international student, which covers cost of food for two weeks.

    The stay will give you the opportunity to see how Danish students learn in various learning environments. There will also be opportunities for you to visit classes with a focus on specific aspects of teaching.

    More information

  • Enrolment

    The semester modules are open for both international and Danish students.

    With regard to English language proficiency, we expect you to be able to speak and write English at level B2.

    It is required you are able to follow the semester and complete examinations in English (equivalent to level B2).

  • How to apply

    There are two application deadlines every year.

    You can apply for The International Class in Teacher Education in either the autumn or the spring semester. 

    If you are interested in studying two semesters at the international class, please contact us for further information.

    Autumn semester

    • Mid-August till Mid-December 
    • Application deadline: 1 May.

    Spring semester

    • February till end of May
    • Application deadline: 1 November.

    Who can apply?

    International students can apply for the semester of The International Class in Teacher Education.
    Some semesters the modules are also offered to our Danish students.

    The semester is targeted towards students who are interested in becoming teachers in primary and lower secondary education.

    Get the application form

  • Fees and tuition

    Exchange students from institutions with a bilateral partner agreement do not have to pay tuition fees.

    Are you studying at an institution in your home country with a bilateral partner agreement with VIA University College?
    If you are in doubt, check with the international office at your institution.

    No bilateral partner agreement

    For students from institutions with no bilateral partner agreement there is a tuition fee of 4,800 Euro per semester.

  • Accommodation

    VIA University College can offer accommodation in Aarhus.

    If you are studying for a semester in The International Class in Teacher Education, you can rent a room in Aarhus for students.

    Read about the accommodation in Aarhus for students studying on VIA.

  • Student counselling

    Do you need help before applying?

    Please contact Therese Nørgreen, who can answer questions regarding your application or the international programme.

    Therese Nørgreen
    International Administrative Coordinator
    T: +45 87 55 35 18
    E: tnoe@via.dk

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. 

    VIA University College
    Ceresbyen 24
    DK - 8000 Aarhus C

    Søren Iversen Hansen  
    International Coounsellor
    T: +45 87 55 31 37
    E: soih@via.dk

    Therese Nørgreen
    International Administrative Coordinator
    T: +45 87 55 35 18
    E: tnoe@via.dk

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