Director of Research and Studies

Louis Thonsgaard talks about the opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

“Within a very short time, we have created an internationally acclaimed and sought-after learning environment. Our courses are cinematically-visionary and internationally-oriented, while having an entrepreneurial business angle at the same time. This gives our students a unique opportunity to influence the industry after graduation, either as employees or as entrepreneurs. 

The basis of our success is our high standard of teaching. With a very high number of professional guest lecturers from the film, media and fashion industries as well as cooperating on projects, we ensure that our students' education has an extraordinarily high level. VIA Film & Transmedia is a very attractive environment for both students and businesses. Only 1 out of 7 who apply for our bachelor programme are accepted; the applicant’s motivation and potential are crucial factors. Productions made by the students have a quality that earns them international attention. We are, of course, very proud of these achievements, along with our 0% dropout rate from 2013 to the present.

In autumn 2015, we launched the international semester The Fashion Experience, tailored for both international and Danish students, in which our 5th and 6th semester students can also participate. 
This semester is high-profile and exclusive, and it will give participants a unique advantage in the latest forms of visual storytelling – with a focus on fashion.”

Louis Thonsgaard
Director of Research & Studies
VIA Multiplatform Storytelling and Production
VIA Film & Transmedia

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