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Herning is a centre for fashion and lifestyle

Campus Herning is home to VIA Design, the largest design and business academy in Scandinavia within the furniture, fashion and lifestyle sectors. More than 1400 students participate in a vocational or higher education here.

About Campus Herning

  • Facts

    Campus Herning has great facilities for you to use. There is a distinct international environment, with students from all over the world. 
  • Facilities

    Campus Herning has a distinct international environment with students from all over the world and great facilities.


    The name of our canteen is "LunchBox". It serves food with organic ingredients and offers with a large salad bar every day, along with soups and delicious dishes made from scratch. The food is available at student-friendly prices. 


    We offer a wide range of workshops based on the latest technology. For instance, you have will have access to technical laboratories, dye-works, knitting-works and even sewing machines. 

    The Boutique 

    In our Boutique, you can buy or order everything you need in terms of special materials for the fashion and lifestyle sector along with trade literature. 

    The Boutique can supply everything from Pantone ink, design rulers, sewing articles, to office supplies and much more. We have a large network of Danish and international suppliers is large, making it possible to obtain special materials at student-friendly prices. 


    By arrangement with the Federation of Danish Fashion & Textile (DMT), students at VIA in Herning are welcome to visit the TrendStudio (trend library) on the other side of the road right opposite the school. Here you can get inspiration for your course assignments via European fashion magazines and leading trend agencies (Kjaer Global, Promostyl, Trend Union and others). 

    The TrendStudio has inspirational material for the coming seasons in women's and men's wear, children's clothes, lingerie, accessories etc. 


    Students have free access to Birk Centerpark's library service. The library is situated at the Institute of Business and Technology (AU-IBT), Birk Centerpark 15, right next to the school. 

    Here you can search through books, article databases, statistical databases and much more. You can find the library's online service and opening hours at


    At our Boutique, you can order books about the fashion and lifestyle sector. Other relevant books for your course can be bought at Birk Study Bookshop, located at AU-IBT.

  • Activities

    There are a number of activities available at Campus Herning, and students are free to join in as often as they like. These activities vary each semester.

    The student- or campus leadership offer a number of activities where you can get to know your fellow students. 

    • Introduction programme – Every year we welcome our new students with an introduction programme 
    • Family Dinners – Have dinner with a Danish family. This concept is a great way to get to know the Danish family culture and make new contacts outside of school. The picture on top of this page is from one of those occasions. 
    • "LÆR DANSK" – A team of language centres offers lessons in the Danish language. Learn to speak and write in the company of other international students. 
    • Joint party committee - Help to plan and arrange joint parties at VIA Design and AU-IBT (Aarhus University – Institute of Business and Technology). 
    With your student card, you have access to the campus outside of class hours.
  • VIA Student Incubator

    VIA students learn to develop and carry out new ideas and projects.

    At the VIA Student Incubator, students work with innovation and entrepreneurship. They learn to develop and generate new ideas and projects. 

    This might be the student’s own ideas, or external projects being carried out in co-operation with local institutions and companies, municipalities or regions. 

    Coaching and advisory services on offer 

    We offer coaching and professional advisory services to students. A mentor programme brings in experienced entrepreneurs to share advice and input. 

    Office sharing 

    Students can get access to office space in a group arrangement with other entrepreneurs. 


    Thomas Østergaard
    T:  +45 30 62 86 70

    Read more about VIA Student Incubator

  • Accommodation

    As a student at VIA in Herning, you can find accommodation at a variety of price ranges.
    • Birk Campus (Students' Village), is only a few minutes' walk from the school. Birk College consists of approximsyrly 250 high-quality flats of various sizes and prices
    • Tietgensgade in the centre of Herning. There are 84 flats for young people in the area; these flats are also high quality, and available in different sizes and at varying prices  
    • Vibeke and Mads Eg Damgaards Kollegium, Egelunden, (a student residence hall) situated in Birk Centerpark close to the school and AU-IBT (Herning Institute of Business and Technology).This residence hall contains 40 rooms, each sized 45 square meters. Students at VIA Design and AU-IBT have first priority access to these rooms
    • A.I Holms vej in the centre of Herning. Here you will find good student accommodation at reasonable prices  
    • Børglumparken – Tjørring – . If you live in this area, transportation to the school with bus or bike is required
    • Banegårdspladsen. In the Center of Herning right next to the station, you will find several possibilities for student accommodation 

    Sign up for waiting list here:
    How to sign up the waiting list (pdf)

    Contact information: 

    T: +45 91 21 43 44

    T: +45 96 26 58 58

    If you are looking for a room with shared kitchen and bath close to campus, Agroskolen in Hammerum could be an option. 

    Please read more about Agroskolen (pdf) 

    You can contact Agroskolen for more information:

  • Transportation

    There are many ways to get to Campus Herning, and the parking conditions are good. 

    There is fee-free parking on Campus Herning, but you will have to get a parking permit. 

    Send an e-mail to with your name and the car’s registration number. 

    Your car is registered when you have received an e-mail confirmation. The car’s license plate will be scanned by parking control. 

    Find your way to Campus Herning

    If you bring a car to Denmark with foreign number plates, please pay attention to the tax rules. Read more about bringing a car to Denmark.

  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact us at Campus Herning.

    VIA University College
    Campus Herning
    Birk Centerpark 5
    DK-7400 Herning 

    T: +45 87 55 05 00

    Phone hours 

    Monday-Thursday 07:30-15:30
    Friday 07:30-14:30 

    Opening hours 

    Monday-Friday 07:00-18:00 

    From 18:00-23:00 campus facilities are open to people with key cards.

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Herning: Art and culture 

Art, culture, education and industry are all a vital part of this modern, energetic city.

Dialogue and teaching

Teaching style in Denmark

At VIA, we use dialogue-based teaching and active student participation.

From TEKO to VIA Design

Campus Herning began welcoming students in 1944.