Alina and Razvan studied marketing at VIA

Alina and Razvan from Romania both studied marketing at VIA. Now, they work in Denmark and are building a family here.

Background information about Alina and Razvan

Alina works as a HR Business Partner at LEGO System A/S and has an AP Degree in Marketing Management from VIA.

Razvan is Head of Global SCM Masterdata (Service Division) at Siemens Gamesa. He has a BA top-up in International Sales and Marketing from VIA. 

They moved to Denmark together to study and fell in love with the country, culture and even more in each other. Now, they live and work in Denmark as a family. 

Why did you both choose to stay, live and work in Denmark after graduating? 

When we moved to Denmark, we did not know much about the country or about the culture, but we heard many positive things from others, so we just decided very quickly that this could be our next adventure.

After we moved here, we quickly fell in love with the culture and with the perspective Danish people have on different topics such as family or willingness to try new things. 

Razvan, graduate of International Sales and Marketing from VIA

Where did you meet your spouse?

We met back in Romania, when I was still in high school and Razvan just started university there. We actually had our 18th anniversary just 2 days ago. So moving to Denmark was a bit easier together, as we had each other especially in the beginning when it can be a bit tough.As we were getting ready to expand our family, Denmark seemed like the natural place to do it.

We love mostly the educational system and the opportunity to mix career with raising children in a very healthy way. Beyond finding a culture where we fit in, we are also happy to see our twins integrating so well in the Danish culture and the system here. It is really funny, as they actually consider themselves Danish.

How would you describe the work-life balance in Denmark?

As mentioned earlier, there is a clear focus on family and children and finding the right balance comes easy. We are both focusing on growing our careers and while we are away from home and have no grandparents around to support, it has never been a challenge to combine work and family in a healthy way.

You can always spend more time with your children, but when looking at the alternative, we know that we cannot get a better solution than this.

Back home, we would most likely have needed the grandparents’ support or a babysitter around full-time.  As a bonus, I can also take my children to work with me. Visiting LEGO is of course like going to the playground for them, so win-win.

What is your best advice to someone who considers studying, maybe later working and perhaps starting a family in Denmark?

To give it a go. If you can adjust to the weather and get your doses of sunlight while going on vacations around the year, then this is the place to be.

The educational system is preparing you for life in a very pragmatic way, so going into the real world and starting the first job will come easier. In addition, living abroad is something we should all experience as it broadens our horizons and makes us stronger.

The 3 best things about living and working in Denmark?

  • The focus on healthy lifestyle
  • The focus on families with children
  • Low bureaucracy and digital systems

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