Anete Strupule went to VIA Summer School

Anete from the UK attended the Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship Summer School course.


Just go for it. Summer school is a great option to learn new skills while meeting different people. Anete

Who am I?

I study Fashion Marketing and Branding at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. I attended VIA Summer School where I did the Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship course.

Why did you choose to attend summer school and why at VIA?

The reason for choosing to come to Denmark is quite simple: I’ve always wanted to visit it and VIA offered a course in a field that I was interested in. Therefore, taking these two reasons together—this was the perfect place.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

I don’t think I faced any major challenges, as I came with an open mind and was ready to do anything I was told. I was really eager to learn something new and meet different people.

What surprised you about going to summer school and about studying in Denmark?

I have heard before that Denmark focuses on practical learning and it was really evident throughout the summer course.

Our teachers gave us some theoretical information to give us insight, but the majority of the time we were working on tasks within the team, and I think it helped a lot as back in university you don’t always have time to actually do something yourself.

If you were to describe your experience at VIA Summer School in three words…

  • Exciting
  • Eye-opening
  • Engaging

What was your best experience at summer school?

The best part of the summer school was definitely meeting all the people.

I was lucky to have such a diverse group of people on the course with various backgrounds and interests. In the end, we became so close that it was really hard to say goodbye to each other after just two weeks. 

What are your dreams for the future?

As I am going into my final year at the end of September, I’m nervous yet excited about what the future will bring.

However, I’m not yet sure of which career path to choose as there is so much that I could do. But most definitely I will keep exploring the world. I love learning something new—not only about different cultures but also about myself.

Any advice for others considering attending summer school?

This will sound cheesy and something everyone always says but – just go for it!

I think summer school is such a great option to learn new skills while meeting different people, especially for people who don’t know what they like. I mean, what is the worst thing that could happen?

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