Meet Beatrice Blu Torti who went to VIA Summer School

Beatrice from Italy attended the Multi-storey Timber Construction Summer School.

Beatrice in front of lake in Aarhus
Immersing myself in the Danish culture and life has been amazing Beatrice Blu Torti

Who am I?

I’m Beatrice, a 21 year-old Italian girl from Pavia, a cosy town near Milan. I’m studying Architecture at Politecnico di Milano.

Why did you chose to attend summer school in Denmark?

I chose to come to a summer school at VIA because I found the programme on Google and thought it sounded very interesting.

And it was in Denmark—I’ve always been fascinated by the Scandinavian dynamics of every-day living, which are very different from the Italian ones. For me, coming to Aarhus was a great chance to take.

What surprised you about going to summer school and studying in Denmark?

I discovered that the professors and staff of the university were very polite and available to alleviate any doubts in order to make my experience even more interesting than what I had expected.

Life at university here is slightly different than in Italy. At uni, there are many common spaces for group-work, for sports and for outdoor activities, and there’s the Student’s Café, a place to have a typical Danish “Friday Bar” to celebrate the end of the week.

What was the biggest challenge for you? 

The biggest challenge for me was to work in a group with three people from completely different cultures and educational backgrounds, but it has been an amazing experience, and it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things from my new friends.    

If you were to describe your experience at VIA Summer School in three words…

  • Bike
  • Fun
  • Laks (salmon - I fell in love with it).

What was your best experience at Summer School?

The best experience of the summer school was absolutely the Danish Food Night. I remember I was very curious, because I knew very few things about Danish cuisine and I didn’t know what to expect.

Nevertheless, it was amazing! Probably the best meal I ever had in Aarhus, though I must say the school canteen is extraordinary—we’re not used to anything like that, especially not in Italy. 

And another thing that I really enjoyed was the ride to the Moesgard Museum. It was a half-an-hour’s ride into the woods, along the coast, which is probably the best ride I’ve ever had. A magical experience that I would recommend to everyone.  

What are your dreams for the future?

In terms of my future, I hope to graduate soon and to have the possibility to travel a lot and to do my masters in a Scandinavian Country.

I must say, that for some reason, I’ve always been attracted to these regions that we call the “Northern Countries”, but before attending this Summer School, I’d only spent few days or a weekend here and there in Scandinavia, without really having a clear idea of what it consisted of. Now I know, and I hope that one day, it will become part of my daily routine.

Any advice for others considering attending Summer School?

If you are reading this, you’re probably already considering attending the next Summer School at VIA. And my suggestion is: just go to Aarhus and give yourself the possibility to spend an amazing time immersing yourself in Danish culture and life.

You’ll have the chance to visit amazing places, both in Aarhus and in the surrounding area and, of course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new things from the lectures and to make many new friends from all around the world.

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