Meet Fie who studies a bachelor in Materials Science Engineering

Fie is a full-degree student of Materials Science Engineering at VIA.

Fie Askov Hansen would like to combine her future work with textiles with travelling

Fie Askov Hansen is studying to be a material engineer specialising in textiles.

My education

I have been specialising in textiles ever since secondary school. First, by taking the Higher Technical Exam in Design. And then, by becoming a tailor, and now I have decided to become a material engineer.

I have always been interested in textiles, and when I finished as a tailor, I already knew that this was the next step.

You certainly do not need to have a background in textiles, but it has been a huge advantage for me.


We have some insanely committed teachers who really know their field. It fills us with a crazy amount of inspiration! Fie Askov Hansen


I have been really surprised by how many different directions my fellow students and I are going to go in. None of us really want the same thing. That is really amazing – because we inspire each other with our views on the subject.

That has also been a huge advantage for our internships ;)

Fie Askov Hansen is studying to be a material engineer specialising in textiles

Fie Askov Hansen is studying to be a material engineer specialising in textiles.

My dream

My dream job is to help the company I work for focus on a more sustainable direction in relation to their material choices.

I have worked as a tour leader in Spain and Turkey for six seasons. So, I also dream of combining my work with textiles with travelling, for example, in Turkey

My advice

- An interest in materials is a must

- This is not an educational programme in Design! It is engineering studies

I am a nerd of the highest degree! When I become interested in something, I want to know EVERYTHING about it! Fie Askov Hansen

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