Meet Klodjana who studies Climate and Supply Engineering

Klodjana Saraci is student at the Climate and Supply Engineering study programme at VIA in Horsens.

Klodjana studies Climate and Supply Engineering

If you want to study in the happiest country of the world, then my advice is to go for it. You will experience a unique time as a student in a system designed to promote creativity, analytical and critical thinking and a great social life. Klodjana Saraci

My dream for the future

My dream is to be one of the first Climate and Supply Engineers in Denmark and to stay living here. I want to be part of important environmental projects by working hard to bring innovative solutions to future challenges.

Why did you choose VIA University College?

I chose to come to Denmark, because it is a green country with a sustainable lifestyle. I have chosen to educate myself as a supply engineer at VIA University College, because I want to operate within the fields of drinking water, waste water and district heating in the future. It is an exciting educational programme which offers a strong theoretical background and gives a practical approach to problem solving in the real world and water sector.

How would you describe your experience?

Coming to Denmark has been a life challenge for me. I have developed my self-confidence in work and society and improved my motivation to face difficulties with practicality.

Before enrolling at VIA University College, I went to a Danish “højskole” (a folk high school that offers non-formal adult education), where I gained a great experience which has helped me in both my future life steps and my current education.

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