Meet Veerle Galle from Belgium who attented International Health Summer School

Veerle Galle from Belgium went to the International Health: Welfare Technology and Dementia Summer School at VIA.

Veerle from Belgium

Who are you?

I am Veerle from Belgium. I am 35 years old and study Occupational Therapy.

Why Summer School in Denmark?

Because I wanted an international experience and as I have two kids at home, it is not possible to go away for a long time. So, two weeks in Aarhus was the perfect combination for me. I also wanted to learn more about dementia and technology in general, which Denmark is among the world leaders within and I wanted to see, how it works in practice in a Danish health organisation.

What was your best experience at Summer School?

To come in touch with a person with dementia. Despite the language problem, we had a great time together and it was not easy to say goodbye. I also loved the visit to the Gamle By.
The cultural differences were also a great experience. One thing I will never forget is a Canadian girl who had never seen the ocean before. When we went to the beach, she was really touched and had tears in her eyes.

My advice

Just do it! And participate in the social programme. You learn just as much in the class room, as outside of it.

My biggest challenge was cycling. I cycled to everything and my apartment was located on top of a steep hill. 

Plans for the future?

I hope that one day I could be living and working in Aarhus at the dementia school that we visited. I really loved that place.

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