VISA, Residence and Housing

Do you want to study at VIA University College?

Here is what you will need to know about VISA applications, residence and housing.

Information about admissions 

  • VISA

    You are required to apply for a visa if you come from a country that is not part of the Schengen agreement. 

    Schengen country citizens are exempt from visa requirements if they choose to study in Denmark. You can enter Denmark and stay for up to 90 days.

    However, if you choose to study in Denmark for a period longer than 90 days you must apply for an EU residence document (for more information, see Residence and work permits below).

    Check if you need a visa

    You can find a list of countries whose citizens must have a visa to enter Denmark on the Danish Immigration Service's website  

    The Danish embassy or consulate in your home country can also inform you whether you need a visa to enter Denmark.

  • Residence and work permits

    The rules vary depending on the country you come from. 

    Denmark has specific rules regarding residence and work permits that apply to students from other countries. 

    EU/EAA citizen

    If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country, you do not need to apply for a residence permit but must instead apply for an EU residence document at the Danish State Administration (Statsforvaltningen). The Danish State Administration will visit some campuses for a day or two to help all new students apply for residence permits. At other campuses, you will have to apply on your own.

    Nordic citizen

    If you are a national of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, you are exempt from applying for an EU residence document because, as a Nordic national, you are entitled to live in Denmark without having to obtain permission. 

    You can go directly to the Citizen Service in the local municipality in which you reside and obtain a CPR number and health services card, etc. without needing a residence document from the State Administration.

    Non-EU/EEA citizens

    We require that non-EU/EEA applicants upload their residence permit(front and back of the card) along with the application in order to assess whether you have to pay tuition fee or not.
    If you do not hold a Danish residence permit, you must apply for one based on study. This may take up to three months to process. As soon as you have paid the tuition fee, we will initiate the online application process.

    Find out whether or not you are eligible for free tuition or not here

    Working when a student

    As an international student in a higher educational programme or a qualifying course approved by the Danish Ministry of Education, you are only allowed to work the number of hours stated in your residence and work permit.

    Read more on the official portal for foreigners, New to Denmark

    More information 

    You can find more information about current procedures, rules and regulations for immigration to Denmark on the following websites:

  • Housing

    Exchange students will be offered a place to live, but full degree students are required to find their own accommodation.

    If you are a student at VIA, the international coordinator will be able to recommend housing facilities. Please contact the international coordinator at the programme in which you have enrolled. 

    Full degree students and housing

    If you are a full degree student, you are required to find your own accommodation for the duration of your study period at VIA. The international coordinator will be able to recommend housing facilities. 

    Please be aware that the options vary depending on which VIA campus you are studying at – please see the list of housing options at our campus-sites or find a quick overview of accommodation in the different campus sites in the FAQ

    Bringing a vehicle to Denmark

    If you are bringing your own car, please be aware of Denmark’s rules and regulations